Exodus 23:1-7

YLT(i) 1 `Thou dost not lift up a vain report; thou dost not put thy hand with a wicked man to be a violent witness. 2 `Thou art not after many to evil, nor dost thou testify concerning a strife, to turn aside after many to cause others to turn aside; 3 and a poor man thou dost not honour in his strife. 4 `When thou meetest thine enemy's ox or his ass going astray, thou dost certainly turn it back to him; 5 when thou seest the ass of him who is hating thee crouching under its burden, then thou hast ceased from leaving it to it—thou dost certainly leave it with him. 6 `Thou dost not turn aside the judgment of thy needy one in his strife; 7 from a false matter thou dost keep far off, and an innocent and righteous man thou dost not slay; for I do not justify a wicked man.