2 Kings 6:1-7

YLT(i) 1 And sons of the prophet say unto Elisha, `Lo, we pray thee, the place where we are dwelling before thee is too strait for us; 2 let us go, we pray thee, unto the Jordan, and we take thence each one beam, and we make for ourselves there a place to dwell there;' and he saith, `Go.' 3 And the one saith, `Be pleased, I pray thee, and go with thy servants;' and he saith, `I—I go.' 4 And he goeth with them, and they come in to the Jordan, and cut down the trees, 5 and it cometh to pass, the one is felling the beam, and the iron hath fallen into the water, and he crieth and saith, `Alas! my lord, and it asked!' 6 And the man of God saith, `Whither hath it fallen?' and he sheweth him the place, and he cutteth a stick, and casteth thither, and causeth the iron to swim, 7 and saith, `Raise to thee;' and he putteth forth his hand and taketh it.