1 Kings 18:14-18

YLT(i) 14 and now thou art saying, Go, say to my lord, Lo, Elijah—and he hath slain me!' 15 And Elijah saith, `Jehovah of Hosts liveth, before whom I have stood, surely to-day I appear unto him.' 16 And Obadiah goeth to meet Ahab, and declareth it to him, and Ahab goeth to meet Elijah,
17 and it cometh to pass at Ahab's seeing Elijah, that Ahab saith unto him, `Art thou he—the troubler of Israel?' 18 And he saith, `I have not troubled Israel, but thou and the house of thy father, in your forsaking the commands of Jehovah, and thou goest after the Baalim;