Psalms 32

Wycliffe(i) 1 The two and threttithe salm hath no title. Ye iust men, haue fulli ioye in the Lord; presyng togidere bicometh riytful men. 2 Knouleche ye to the Lord in an harpe; synge ye to hym in a sautre of ten strengis. 3 Synge ye to hym a newe song; seie ye wel salm to hym in criyng. 4 For the word of the Lord is riytful; and alle hise werkis ben in feithfulnesse. 5 He loueth merci and doom; the erthe is ful of the merci of the Lord. 6 Heuenes ben maad stidfast bi the word of the Lord; and `al the vertu of tho bi the spirit of his mouth. 7 And he gaderith togidere the watris of the see as in a bowge; and settith depe watris in tresours. 8 Al erthe drede the Lord; sotheli alle men enhabitynge the world ben mouyd of hym. 9 For he seide, and thingis weren maad; he comaundide, and thingis weren maad of nouyt. 10 The Lord distrieth the counsels of folkis, forsothe he repreueth the thouytis of puplis; and he repreueth the counsels of prynces. 11 But the counsel of the Lord dwellith with outen ende; the thouytis of his herte dwellen in generacioun and into generacioun. 12 Blessid is the folk, whose Lord is his God; the puple which he chees into eritage to hym silf. 13 The Lord bihelde fro heuene; he siy alle the sones of men. 14 Fro his dwellyng place maad redi bifor; he bihelde on alle men, that enhabiten the erthe. 15 Which made syngulerli the soules of hem; which vndurstondith all the werkis of hem. 16 A kyng is not sauyd bi myche vertu; and a giaunt schal not be sauyd in the mychilnesse of his vertu. 17 An hors is false to helthe; forsothe he schal not be sauyd in the habundaunce, `ether plentee, of his vertu. 18 Lo! the iyen of the Lord ben on men dredynge hym; and in hem that hopen on his merci. 19 That he delyuere her soules fro deth; and feede hem in hungur. 20 Oure soule suffreth the Lord; for he is oure helpere and defendere. 21 For oure herte schal be glad in him; and we schulen haue hope in his hooli name. 22 Lord, thi merci be maad on vs; as we hopiden in thee.