Psalms 31

Wycliffe(i) 1 The title of the oon and thrittithe salm. Lernyng to Dauid. Blessid ben thei, whose wickidnessis ben foryouun; and whose synnes ben hilid. 2 Blessid is the man, to whom the Lord arrettide not synne; nethir gile is in his spirit. 3 For Y was stille, my boonys wexiden elde; while Y criede al dai. 4 For bi dai and nyyt thin `hond was maad greuouse on me; Y am turned in my wretchednesse, while the thorn is set in. 5 I made my synne knowun to thee; and Y hidde not my vnriytfulnesse. I seide, Y schal knouleche ayens me myn vnriytfulnesse to the Lord; and thou hast foryoue the wickidnesse of my synne. 6 For this thing ech hooli man schal preye to thee; in couenable tyme. Netheles in the greet flood of many watris; tho schulen not neiye to thee. 7 Thou art my refuyt fro tribulacioun, that cumpasside me; thou, my fulli ioiyng, delyuere me fro hem that cumpassen me. 8 Y schal yyue vnderstondyng to thee, and Y schal teche thee; in this weie in which thou schalt go, Y schal make stidefast myn iyen on thee. 9 Nile ye be maad as an hors and mule; to whiche is noon vndurstondyng. Lord, constreyne thou the chekis of hem with a bernacle and bridil; that neiyen not to thee. 10 Many betyngis ben of the synnere; but merci schal cumpasse hym that hopith in the Lord. 11 Ye iust men, be glad, and make fulli ioie in the Lord; and alle ye riytful of herte, haue glorie.