Psalms 2:1-6

Wycliffe(i) 1 Whi gnastiden with teeth hethene men; and puplis thouyten veyn thingis? 2 The kyngis of erthe stoden togidere; and princes camen togidere ayens the Lord, and ayens his Crist? 3 Breke we the bondis of hem; and cast we awei the yok of hem fro vs. 4 He that dwellith in heuenes schal scorne hem; and the Lord schal bimowe hem. 5 Thanne he schal speke to hem in his ire; and he schal disturble hem in his stronge veniaunce. 6 Forsothe Y am maad of hym a kyng on Syon, his hooli hil; prechynge his comaundement.