Psalms 125

Wycliffe(i) 1 The `title of the hundrid and fyue and twentithe `salm. The song of grecis. Whanne the Lord turnede the caitifte of Sion; we weren maad as coumfortid. 2 Thanne oure mouth was fillid with ioye; and oure tunge with ful out ioiyng. Thanne thei schulen seie among hethene men; The Lord magnefiede to do with hem. 3 The Lord magnefiede to do with vs; we ben maad glad. 4 Lord, turne thou oure caitifte; as a stronde in the south. 5 Thei that sowen in teeris; schulen repe in ful out ioiyng. 6 Thei goynge yeden, and wepten; sendynge her seedis. But thei comynge schulen come with ful out ioiyng; berynge her handfullis.