Matthew 5:3-12

Wycliffe(i) 3 Blessed ben pore men in spirit, for the kyngdom of heuenes is herne. 4 Blessid ben mylde men, for thei schulen welde the erthe. 5 Blessid ben thei that mornen, for thei schulen be coumfortid. 6 Blessid ben thei that hungren and thristen riytwisnesse, for thei schulen be fulfillid. 7 Blessid ben merciful men, for thei schulen gete merci. 8 Blessid ben thei that ben of clene herte, for thei schulen se God. 9 Blessid ben pesible men, for thei schulen be clepid Goddis children. 10 Blessid ben thei that suffren persecusioun for riytfulnesse, for the kingdam of heuenes is herne. 11 `Ye schulen be blessid, whanne men schulen curse you, and schulen pursue you, and shulen seie al yuel ayens you liynge, for me. 12 Ioie ye, and be ye glad, for youre meede is plenteuouse in heuenes; for so thei han pursued `also profetis that weren bifor you.