Matthew 21:33-45

Wycliffe(i) 33 Here ye another parable. There was an hosebonde man, that plauntide a vynyerd, and heggide it aboute, and dalfe a presour ther ynne, and bildide a tour, and hiride it to erthe tilieris, and wente fer in pilgrimage. 34 But whanne the tyme of fruytis neiyede, he sente his seruauntis to the erthe tilieris, to take fruytis of it. 35 And the erthetilieris token his seruauntis, and beeten `the toon, thei slowen another, and thei stonyden another. 36 Eftsoone he sente othere seruauntis, mo than the firste, and in lijk maner thei diden to hem. 37 And at the laste he sente his sone to hem, and seide, Thei schulen drede my sone. 38 But the erthe tilieris, seynge the sone, seiden with ynne hem silf, This is the eire; come ye, sle we hym, and we schulen haue his eritage. 39 And thei token, and castiden hym out of the vynyerd, and slowen hym. 40 Therfor whanne the lord of the vyneyerd schal come, what schal he do to thilke erthe tilieris? 41 Thei seien to hym, He schal leese yuele the yuele men, and he schal sette to hire his vyneyerd to othere erthetilieris, whyche schulen yelde to hym fruyt in her tymes. 42 Jhesus seith to hem, Redden ye neuer in scripturis, The stoon which bilderis repreueden, this is maad in to the heed of the corner? Of the Lord this thing is don, and it is merueilous bifor oure iyen. 43 Therfor Y seie to you, that the kyngdom of God schal be takun fro you, and shal be youun to a folc doynge fruytis of it. 44 And he that schal falle on this stoon, schal be brokun; but on whom it schal falle, it schal al tobrise hym. 45 And whanne the princes of prestis and Farisees hadden herd hise parablis, thei knewen that he seide of hem.