Luke 11:8-13

Wycliffe(i) 8 And if he schal dwelle stil knockynge, Y seie to you, thouy he schal not rise, and yyue to him, for that that he is his freend, netheles for his contynuel axyng he schal ryse, and yyue to hym, as many as he hath nede to. 9 And Y seie to you, axe ye, and it schal be youun to you; seke ye, and ye schulen fynde; knocke ye, and it schal be openyd to you. 10 For ech that axith, takith, and he that sekith, fyndith; and to a man that knockith, it schal be openyd. 11 Therfor who of you axith his fadir breed, whether he schal yyue hym a stoon? or if he axith fisch, whether he schal yyue hym a serpent for the fisch? 12 or if he axe an eye, whether he schal a reche hym a scorpioun? 13 Therfor if ye, whanne ye ben yuel, kunnen yyue good yiftis to youre children, hou myche more youre fadir of heuene schal yyue a good spirit to men that axith him.