Leviticus 26:3-13

Wycliffe(i) 3 If ye gon in myn heestis, and kepen my comaundementis, and doon tho, Y schal yyue to you reynes in her tymes, 4 and the erthe schal brynge forth his fruyt, and trees schulen be fillid with applis; 5 the threschyng of ripe cornes schal take vyndage, and vyndage schal occupie seed, and ye schulen ete youre breed in fulnesse, and ye schulen dwelle in youre lond without drede. 6 Y schal yyue pees in youre coostis; ye schulen slepe, and noon schal be that schal make you aferd; Y schal do awei yuel beestis fro you, and a swerd schal not passe bi youre termes. 7 Ye schulen pursue youre enemyes, and thei schulen falle bifor you; 8 fyue of youre men schulen pursue an hundrid aliens, and an hundrid of you schulen pursue ten thousande; youre enemyes schulen falle bi swerd in youre siyt. 9 Y schal biholde you, and Y schal make you to encreesse; ye schulen be multiplied; and Y schal make stedfast my couenaunt with you; 10 ye schulen ete the eldest of elde thingis, and ye schulen caste forth elde thingis, whanne newe thingis schulen come aboue; 11 Y schal sette my tabernacle in the myddis of you, and my soule schal not caste you awey; 12 Y schal go among you, and Y schal be youre God, and ye schulen be a puple to me. 13 Y am youre Lord God, that ledde you out of the lond of Egipcians, that ye schulden not serue hem, and which haue broke the chaynes of youre nollis, that ye schulde go vpriyt.