Deuteronomy 5:6-21

Wycliffe(i) 6 Y am thi Lord God, that ladde thee out of the lond of Egipt, fro the hows of seruage. 7 Thou schalt not haue alien Goddis in my siyt. 8 Thou schalt not make to thee a grauun ymage, nether a licnesse of alle thingis that ben in heuene aboue, and that ben in erthe bynethe, and that lyuen in watris vndur erthe; 9 thou schalt not herie tho, `and thou schalt not worschipe tho; for Y am thi Lord God, `God a feruent louyer; and Y yelde the wickidnesse of fadris, in to sones in to the thridde and the fourthe generacioun to hem that haten me, 10 and Y do mersy in to many thousyndis to hem that louen me, and kepen myn heestis. 11 Thou schalt not mystake the name of thi Lord God in veyn, for he schal not be vnpunyschid, that takith the name of God on a veyn thing. 12 Kepe thou the `day of sabat that thou halewe it, as thi Lord God comaundide to thee. 13 In sixe daies thou schalt worche, and thou schalt do alle thi werkis; 14 the seventhe day is `of sabat, that is the reste of thi Lord God. Thou schalt not do therynne ony thing of werk; thou, and thi sone, and douyter, seruaunt, and handmaide, and oxe, and asse, and `al thi werk beeste, and the pilgrym which is with ynne thi yatis; that thi seruaunt reste and thin handmaide, as also thou. 15 Bithenke thou, that also thou seruedist in Egipt, and thi Lord God ledde thee out fro thennus, in a strong hond, and arm holdun forth; therfor he comaundide to thee, that thou schuldist kepe the `dai of sabat. 16 Onoure thi fadir and thi modir, as thi Lord God comaundide to thee, that thou lyue in long tyme, and that it be wel to thee, in the lond which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee. 17 Thou schalt not sle. 18 Thou schalt not do letcherie. 19 And thou schalt not do thefte. 20 Thou schalt not speke fals witnessyng ayens thi neiybore. 21 Thou schalt not coueite `the wijf of thi neiybore, not hows, not feeld, not seruaunt, not handmayde, not oxe, not asse, and alle thingis that ben hise.