2 Kings 25:2-7

Wycliffe(i) 2 And the citee was closid, and cumpassid, `til to the eleuenthe yeer of king Sedechie, 3 in the nynthe day of the monethe; and hungur `hadde maistrie in the citee, and `breed was not to the puple of the lond. 4 And the citee was brokun, and alle men werriours fledden in the niyt bi the weie of the yate, which is bitwixe the double wal, to the gardyn of the kyng; sotheli Caldeis bisegiden the citee `bi cumpas. Therfor Sedechie fledde bi the weie that ledith to the feeldi placis of the wildirnesse; 5 and the oost of Caldeis pursuede the king, and it took him in the pleyn of Jerico; and alle the werriours, that weren with him, weren scaterid, and leften him. 6 Therfor thei ledden the king takun to the king of Babiloyne, in to Reblatha, which spak dom with him, `that is, with Sedechie. 7 Sotheli he killide the sones of Sedechie bifor him, and puttide out his iyen, and boond him with chaynes, and ledde him in to Babiloyne.