2 Corinthians 9:8-11

Wycliffe(i) 8 And God is miyti to make al grace abounde in you, that ye in alle thingis euere more han al sufficience, and abounde in to al good werk; 9 as it is writun, He delide abrood, he yaf to pore men, his riytwisnesse dwellith withouten ende. 10 And he that mynystrith seed to the sowere, schal yyue also breed to ete, and he schal multiplie youre seed, and make myche the encreessingis of fruytis of youre riytwisnesse; 11 that in alle thingis ye maad riche waxen plenteuouse in to al symplenesse, which worchith bi vs doing of thankingis to God.