2 Chronicles 22:5-8

Wycliffe(i) 5 and he yede in the counsele of hem. And he yede with Joram, the sone of Achab, kyng of Israel, in to batel ayens Azahel, kyng of Sirye, in to Ramoth of Galaad. And men of Sirie woundiden Joram; 6 which turnede ayen for to be heelid in Jezrahel; for he hadde take many woundis in the forseid batel. Therfor Ocozie, kyng of Juda, the sone of Joram, yede doun to visite Joram, the sone of Achab, sijk in Jezrahel; 7 for it was Goddis wille ayens Ocozie, that he cam to Joram. And whanne he was comun, he yede out with hym ayens Hieu, the sone of Namsi, whom God anoyntide, that he schulde do awey the hows of Achab. 8 Therfor whanne Hieu destriede the hows of Achab, he foond the princis of Juda, and the sones of the britheren of Ocozie, that `mynystriden to hym; and he killide hem.