1 Timothy 2:1-8

Wycliffe(i) 1 Therfor Y biseche first of alle thingis, that bisechingis, preieris, axyngis, doyngis of thankyngis, ben maad for alle men, 2 for kingis and alle that ben set in hiynesse, that we leden a quyet and a pesible lijf, in al pite and chastite. 3 For this thing is good and acceptid bifor God, 4 oure sauyour, that wole that alle men ben maad saaf, and that thei come to the knowyng of treuthe. 5 For o God and a mediatour is of God and of men, a man Crist Jhesus, 6 that yaf him silf redempcioun for alle men. Whos witnessing is confermyd in his tymes; 7 in which Y am set a prechour and an apostle. For Y seye treuthe, and Y lie not, that am a techere of hethene men in feith and in treuthe. 8 Therfor Y wole, that men preye in al place, liftinge vp clene hondis with outen wraththe and strijf.