Psalms 87

  1 H3248 His foundation H6944 is in the holy H2042 mountains.
  2 H3068 The LORD H157 [H8802] loveth H8179 the gates H6726 of Zion H4908 more than all the dwellings H3290 of Jacob.
  3 H3513 [H8737] Glorious things H1696 [H8794] are spoken H5892 of thee, O city H430 of God H5542 . Selah.
  4 H2142 [H8686] I will make mention H7294 of Rahab H894 and Babylon H3045 [H8802] to them that know H6429 me: behold Philistia H6865 , and Tyre H3568 , with Cush H3205 [H8795] ; this man was born there.
  5 H6726 And of Zion H559 [H8735] it shall be said H376 , This and that man H3205 [H8795] was born H5945 in her: and the Highest H3559 [H8787] himself shall establish her.
  6 H3068 The LORD H5608 [H8799] shall count H3789 [H8800] , when he writeth up H5971 the people H3205 [H8795] , that this man was born H5542 there. Selah.
  7 H7891 [H8802] As well the singers H2490 [H8802] as the players H4599 on instruments shall be there: all my springs are in thee.