Psalms 79

  1 H430 O God H1471 , the heathen H935 [H8804] have come H5159 into thy inheritance H6944 ; thy holy H1964 temple H2930 [H8765] have they defiled H7760 [H8804] ; they have laid H3389 Jerusalem H5856 on heaps.
  2 H5038 The dead bodies H5650 of thy servants H5414 [H8804] have they given H3978 to be food H5775 to the fowls H8064 of the heaven H1320 , the flesh H2623 of thy saints H2416 to the beasts H776 of the earth.
  3 H1818 Their blood H8210 [H8804] have they shed H4325 like water H5439 around H3389 Jerusalem H6912 [H8802] ; and there was none to bury them.
  4 H2781 We have become a reproach H7934 to our neighbours H3933 , a scorn H7047 and derision H5439 to them that are around us.
  5 H3068 How long, LORD H599 [H8799] ? wilt thou be angry H5331 for ever H7068 ? shall thy jealousy H1197 [H8799] burn H784 like fire?
  6 H8210 [H8798] Pour out H2534 thy wrath H1471 upon the heathen H3045 [H8804] that have not known H4467 thee, and upon the kingdoms H7121 [H8804] that have not called H8034 upon thy name.
  7 H398 [H8804] For they have devoured H3290 Jacob H8074 [H8689] , and laid waste H5116 his dwelling place.
  8 H2142 [H8799] O remember H7223 not against us former H5771 iniquities H7356 : let thy tender mercies H4118 speedily H6923 [H8762] come to help H1809 0 us: for we are brought H3966 very H1809 [H8804] low.
  9 H5826 [H8798] Help H430 us, O God H3468 of our salvation H1697 , for H3519 the glory H8034 of thy name H5337 [H8685] : and deliver H3722 [H8761] us, and purge away H2403 our sins H8034 , for thy name's sake.
  10 H1471 Why should the heathen H559 [H8799] say H430 , Where is their God H3045 [H8735] ? let him be known H1471 among the heathen H5869 in our sight H5360 by avenging H1818 the blood H5650 of thy servants H8210 [H8803] which is shed.
  11 H603 Let the sighing H615 of the prisoner H935 [H8799] come H6440 before H1433 thee; according to the greatness H2220 of thy power H3498 [H8685] preserve H1121 thou those that are appointed H8546 to die;
  12 H7725 [H8685] And render H7934 to our neighbours H7659 sevenfold H2436 into their bosom H2781 their reproach H2778 [H8765] , with which they have reproached H136 thee, O Lord.
  13 H5971 So we thy people H6629 and sheep H4830 of thy pasture H3034 [H8686] will give thee thanks H5769 for ever H5608 [H8762] : we will show forth H8416 thy praise H1755 to all H1755 generations.