Nehemiah 3:28-30

  28 H5483 From above the horse H8179 gate H2388 [H8689] repaired H3548 the priests H376 , every one H5048 opposite H1004 his house.
  29 H310 After H2388 [H8689] them repaired H6659 Zadok H1121 the son H564 of Immer H1004 opposite his house H310 . After H2388 [H8689] him repaired H8098 also Shemaiah H1121 the son H7935 of Shechaniah H8104 [H8802] , the keeper H4217 of the east H8179 gate.
  30 H310 After H2388 [H8689] him repaired H2608 Hananiah H1121 the son H8018 of Shelemiah H2586 , and Hanun H8345 the sixth H1121 son H6764 of Zalaph H8145 , another H4060 piece H310 . After H2388 [H8689] him repaired H4918 Meshullam H1121 the son H1296 of Berechiah H5393 opposite his chamber.