Isaiah 6:3-5

  3 H7121 [H8804] And one cried H559 [H8804] to another, and said H6918 , Holy H6918 , holy H6918 , holy H3068 , is the LORD H6635 of hosts H776 : the whole earth H4393 is full H3519 of his glory.
  4 H520 And the posts H5592 of the door H5128 [H8799] moved H6963 at the voice H7121 [H8802] of him that cried H1004 , and the house H4390 [H8735] was filled H6227 with smoke.
  5 H559 [H8799] Then said H188 I, Woe H1820 [H8738] is me! for I am undone H376 ; because I am a man H2931 of unclean H8193 lips H3427 [H8802] , and I dwell H8432 in the midst H5971 of a people H2931 of unclean H8193 lips H5869 : for my eyes H7200 [H8804] have seen H4428 the King H3068 , the LORD H6635 of hosts.