Isaiah 40:18-20

  18 H1819 [H8762] To whom then will ye liken H410 God H1823 ? or what likeness H6186 [H8799] will ye compare him to?
  19 H2796 The workman H5258 [H8804] casteth H6459 a graven image H6884 [H8802] , and the goldsmith H7554 [H8762] spreadeth H2091 it over with gold H6884 [H8802] , and casteth H3701 silver H7577 chains.
  20 H5533 H5534 [H8794] He that is so impoverished H8641 that he hath no oblation H977 [H8799] chooseth H6086 a tree H7537 [H8799] that will not rot H1245 [H8762] ; he seeketh H2450 for himself a skilful H2796 workman H3559 [H8687] to prepare H6459 a graven image H4131 [H8735] , that shall not be moved.