Hebrews 7:9-12

  9 G2532 And G5613 as G2031 G2036 [G5629] I may say G3017 , Levi G2532 also G3588 , who G2983 [G5723] receiveth G1181 tithes G1183 [G5769] , payed tithes G1223 in G11 Abraham.
  10 G1063 For G2258 [G5713] he was G2089 yet G1722 in G3751 the loins G3962 of his father G3753 , when G3198 Melchizedek G4876 [G5656] met G846 him.
  11 G1487 G3303 If G3767 therefore G5050 perfection G2258 [G5713] were G1223 by G3020 the Levitical G2420 priesthood G1063 , (for G1909 under G846 it G2992 the people G3549 [G5718] received the law G5101 ,) what G2089 further G5532 need G2087 was there that another G2409 priest G450 [G5733] should rise G2596 after G5010 the order G3198 of Melchizedek G2532 , and G3756 not G3004 [G5745] be called G2596 after G5010 the order G2 of Aaron?
  12 G1063 For G2420 the priesthood G3346 [G5746] being changed G1096 [G5736] , there is made G1537 of G318 necessity G3331 a change G2532 also G3551 of the law.