Ezekiel 33:12

  12 H1121 Therefore, thou son H120 of man H559 [H8798] , say H1121 to the children H5971 of thy people H6666 , The righteousness H6662 of the righteous H5337 [H8686] shall not deliver H3117 him in the day H6588 of his transgression H7564 : as for the wickedness H7563 of the wicked H3782 [H8735] , he shall not fall H3117 by it in the day H7725 [H8800] that he turneth H7562 from his wickedness H6662 ; neither shall the righteous H3201 [H8799] be able H2421 [H8800] to live H3117 for his righteousness in the day H2398 [H8800] that he sinneth.