Ecclesiastes 2

  1 H559 [H8804] I said H3820 in my heart H3212 [H8798] , Come now H5254 [H8762] , I will test H8057 thee with mirth H7200 [H8798] , therefore enjoy H2896 pleasure H1892 : and, behold, this also is vanity.
  2 H559 [H8804] I said H7814 of laughter H1984 [H8781] , It is mad H8057 : and of mirth H2090 , What H6213 [H8802] doeth it?
  3 H8446 [H8804] I sought H3820 in my heart H4900 [H8800] to give H1320 myself H3196 to wine H5090 [H8802] , yet acquainting H3820 my heart H2451 with wisdom H270 [H8800] ; and to lay hold H5531 on folly H7200 [H8799] , till I might see H2896 what was that good H1121 for the sons H120 of men H6213 [H8799] , which they should do H8064 under the heaven H4557 all H3117 the days H2416 of their life.
  4 H1431 [H8689] I made for myself great H4639 works H1129 [H8804] ; I built H1004 houses H5193 [H8804] ; I planted H3754 vineyards:
  5 H6213 [H8804] I made H1593 me gardens H6508 and orchards H5193 [H8804] , and I planted H6086 trees H6529 in them of all kind of fruits:
  6 H6213 [H8804] I made H1295 me pools H4325 of water H8248 [H8687] , to water H3293 with them the wood H6779 [H8802] that bringeth forth H6086 trees:
  7 H7069 [H8804] I procured H5650 me male H8198 and female servants H1121 , and had servants born H1004 in my house H7235 [H8687] ; also I had great H4735 possessions H1241 of herds H6629 and flocks H3389 above all that were in Jerusalem H6440 before me:
  8 H3664 [H8804] I gathered H3701 me also silver H2091 and gold H5459 , and the special treasure H4428 of kings H4082 and of the provinces H6213 [H8804] : I procured H7891 [H8802] me male H7891 [H8802] and female singers H8588 , and the delights H1121 of the sons H120 of men H7705 , as musical instruments, and of all sorts.
  9 H1431 [H8804] So I was great H3254 [H8689] , and increased H6440 more than all that were before H3389 me in Jerusalem H2451 : also my wisdom H5975 [H8804] remained with me.
  10 H5869 And whatever my eyes H7592 [H8804] desired H680 [H8804] I kept H4513 [H8804] not from them, I withheld H3820 not my heart H8057 from any joy H3820 ; for my heart H8056 rejoiced H5999 in all my labour H2506 : and this was my portion H5999 of all my labour.
  11 H6437 [H8804] Then I looked H4639 on all the works H3027 that my hands H6213 [H8804] had wrought H5999 , and on the labour H5998 [H8804] that I had laboured H6213 [H8800] to do H1892 : and, behold, all was vanity H7469 and vexation H7307 of spirit H3504 , and there was no profit H8121 under the sun.
  12 H6437 [H8804] And I turned H7200 [H8800] myself to behold H2451 wisdom H1947 , and madness H5531 , and folly H120 : for what can the man H935 [H8799] do that cometh H310 after H4428 the king H3528 ? even that which hath been already H6213 [H8804] done.
  13 H7200 [H8804] Then I saw H3426 that H2451 wisdom H3504 excelleth H5531 folly H216 , as far as light H3504 excelleth H2822 darkness.
  14 H2450 The wise man's H5869 eyes H7218 are in his head H3684 ; but the fool H1980 [H8802] walketh H2822 in darkness H3045 [H8804] : and I myself perceived H259 also that one H4745 event H7136 [H8799] happeneth to them all.
  15 H227 Then H559 [H8804] said H3820 I in my heart H4745 , As it happeneth H3684 to the fool H7136 [H8799] , so it happeneth H1571 even to me H3148 ; and why was I then more H2449 [H8804] wise H1696 [H8765] ? Then I said H3820 in my heart H1892 , that this also is vanity.
  16 H2146 For there is no remembrance H2450 of the wise H5973 more than H3684 of the fool H5769 for ever H3528 ; seeing that which now H3117 is in the days H935 [H8802] to come H7911 [H8738] shall all be forgotten H4191 [H8799] . And how dieth H2450 the wise H3684 man? as the fool.
  17 H8130 [H8804] Therefore I hated H2416 life H4639 ; because the work H6213 [H8738] that is wrought H8121 under the sun H7451 is grievous H1892 to me: for all is vanity H7469 and vexation H7307 of spirit.
  18 H8130 [H8804] Yea, I hated H5999 all my labour H6001 which I had taken H8121 under the sun H3240 [H8686] : because I should leave H120 it to the man H310 that shall be after me.
  19 H3045 [H8802] And who knoweth H2450 whether he shall be a wise H5530 man or a fool H7980 [H8799] ? yet shall he have rule H5999 over all my labour H5998 [H8804] in which I have laboured H2449 [H8804] , and in which I have showed myself wise H8121 under the sun H1892 . This is also vanity.
  20 H5437 [H8804] Therefore I went about H2976 0 to cause H3820 my heart H2976 [H8763] to despair H5999 of all the labour H5998 [H8804] which I took H8121 under the sun.
  21 H3426 For there is H120 a man H5999 whose labour H2451 is in wisdom H1847 , and in knowledge H3788 , and in equity H120 ; yet to a man H5998 [H8804] that hath not laboured H5414 [H8799] in it shall he leave H2506 it for his portion H1892 . This also is vanity H7227 and a great H7451 evil.
  22 H1933 [H8802] For what hath H120 man H5999 of all his labour H7475 , and of the vexation H3820 of his heart H1931 , in which H6001 he hath laboured H8121 under the sun?
  23 H3117 For all his days H4341 are sorrows H6045 , and his labour H3708 grief H3820 ; yea, his heart H7901 [H8804] taketh not rest H3915 in the night H1892 . This is also vanity.
  24 H2896 There is nothing better H120 for a man H398 [H8799] , than that he should eat H8354 [H8804] and drink H5315 , and that he should make his soul H7200 [H8689] enjoy H2896 good H5999 in his labour H2090 . This H7200 [H8804] also I saw H3027 , that it was from the hand H430 of God.
  25 H398 [H8799] For who can eat H2363 [H8799] , or who else can hasten H2351 to it, more than I?
  26 H5414 [H8804] For God giveth H120 to a man H2896 who is good H6440 in his sight H2451 wisdom H1847 , and knowledge H8057 , and joy H2398 [H8802] : but to the sinner H5414 [H8804] he giveth H6045 toil H622 [H8800] , to gather H3664 [H8800] and to store up H5414 [H8800] wealth, that he may give H2896 to him that is good H6440 before H430 God H1892 . This also is vanity H7469 and vexation H7307 of spirit.