Deuteronomy 15

  1 H7093 At the end H7651 of every seven H8141 years H6213 [H8799] thou shalt make H8059 a release.
  2 H1697 And this is the manner H8059 of the release H1167 H4874 H3027 : Every creditor H5383 [H8686] that lendeth H7453 any thing to his neighbour H8058 [H8800] shall release H5065 [H8799] it; he shall not exact H7453 it of his neighbour H251 , or of his brother H7121 [H8804] ; because it is called H3068 the LORD'S H8059 release.
  3 H5237 Of a foreigner H5065 [H8799] thou mayest exact H251 it again: but that which is thine with thy brother H3027 thy hand H8058 [H8686] shall release;
  4 H657 Except H34 when there shall be no poor H3068 among you; for the LORD H1288 [H8763] shall greatly H1288 [H8762] bless H776 thee in the land H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8802] giveth H5159 thee for an inheritance H3423 [H8800] to possess it:
  5 H8085 [H8800] Only if thou shalt carefully H8085 [H8799] hearken H6963 to the voice H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God H8104 [H8800] , to observe H6213 [H8800] to do H4687 all these commandments H6680 [H8764] which I command H3117 thee this day.
  6 H3068 For the LORD H430 thy God H1288 [H8765] shall bless H1696 [H8765] thee, as he promised H5670 [H8689] thee: and thou shalt lend H7227 to many H1471 nations H5670 [H8799] , but thou shalt not borrow H4910 [H8804] ; and thou shalt reign H7227 over many H1471 nations H4910 [H8799] , but they shall not reign over thee.
  7 H34 If there shall be among you a poor man H259 of one H251 of thy brethren H259 within any H8179 of thy gates H776 in thy land H3068 which the LORD H430 the God H5414 [H8802] giveth H553 [H8762] thee, thou shalt not harden H3824 thy heart H7092 [H8799] , nor shut H3027 thy hand H34 from thy poor H251 brother:
  8 H6605 [H8799] But thou shalt open H3027 thy hand H6605 [H8800] wide H5670 [H8687] to him, and shalt surely H5670 [H8686] lend H1767 him sufficient H4270 for his need H2637 [H8799] , in that which he lacketh.
  9 H8104 [H8734] Beware H1697 that there be not a thought H1100 in thy wicked H3824 heart H559 [H8800] , saying H7651 , The seventh H8141 year H8141 , the year H8059 of release H7126 [H8804] , is at hand H5869 ; and thy eye H7489 [H8804] shall be evil H34 against thy poor H251 brother H5414 [H8799] , and thou shalt give H7121 [H8804] him nothing; and he shall cry H3068 to the LORD H2399 against thee, and it shall be sin to thee.
  10 H5414 [H8800] Thou shalt surely H5414 [H8799] give H3824 him, and thy heart H3415 [H8799] shall not be grieved H5414 [H8800] when thou givest H1558 to him: because H1697 that for this thing H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H1288 [H8762] shall bless H4639 thee in all thy works H4916 , and in all that thou puttest H3027 thy hand to.
  11 H34 For the poor H2308 [H8799] shall never cease H7130 from H776 the land H6680 [H8764] : therefore I command H559 [H8800] thee, saying H6605 [H8799] , Thou shalt open H3027 thy hand H6605 [H8800] wide H251 to thy brother H6041 , to thy poor H34 , and to thy needy H776 , in thy land.
  12 H251 And if thy brother H5680 , an Hebrew man H5680 , or an Hebrew woman H4376 [H8735] , shall be sold H5647 [H8804] to thee, and serve H8337 thee six H8141 years H7637 ; then in the seventh H8141 year H7971 [H8762] thou shalt let him go H2670 free from thee.
  13 H7971 [H8762] And when thou sendest H2670 him out free H7971 [H8762] from thee, thou shalt not let him depart H7387 empty:
  14 H6059 [H8686] Thou shalt furnish H6059 [H8687] him liberally H6629 out of thy flock H1637 , and out of thy floor H3342 , and out of thy winepress H3068 : of that which the LORD H430 thy God H1288 [H8765] hath blessed H5414 [H8799] thee thou shalt give to him.
  15 H2142 [H8804] And thou shalt remember H5650 that thou wast a slave H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt H3068 , and the LORD H430 thy God H6299 [H8799] redeemed H6680 [H8764] thee: therefore I command H1697 thee this thing H3117 this day.
  16 H559 [H8799] And it shall be, if he shall say H3318 [H8799] to thee, I will not leave H157 [H8804] thee; because he loveth H1004 thee and thy house H2895 [H8804] , because he is well with thee;
  17 H3947 [H8804] Then thou shalt take H4836 an awl H5414 [H8804] , and thrust H241 it through his ear H1817 into the door H5650 , and he shall be thy servant H5769 for ever H519 . And also to thy maidservant H6213 [H8799] thou shalt do likewise.
  18 H7185 [H8799] It shall not seem hard H5869 to thee H7971 [H8763] , when thou sendest him away H2670 free H4932 from thee; for he hath been of double H7939 the worth H7916 of a hired servant H5647 [H8804] to thee, in serving H8337 thee six H8141 years H3068 : and the LORD H430 thy God H1288 [H8765] shall bless H6213 [H8799] thee in all that thou doest.
  19 H1060 All the firstling H2145 males H3205 [H8735] that come H1241 of thy herd H6629 and of thy flock H6942 [H8686] thou shalt sanctify H3068 to the LORD H430 thy God H5647 [H8799] : thou shalt do no work H1060 with the firstling H7794 of thy herd H1494 [H8799] , nor shear H1060 the firstling H6629 of thy flock.
  20 H398 [H8799] Thou shalt eat H6440 it before H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H8141 year H8141 by year H4725 in the place H3068 which the LORD H977 [H8799] shall choose H1004 , thou and thy household.
  21 H3971 And if there is any blemish H6455 in it, as if it is lame H5787 , or blind H7451 , or hath any ill H3971 blemish H2076 [H8799] , thou shalt not sacrifice H3068 it to the LORD H430 thy God.
  22 H398 [H8799] Thou shalt eat H8179 it within thy gates H2931 : the unclean H2889 and the clean H3162 person shall eat it alike H6643 , as the roebuck H354 , and as the hart.
  23 H398 [H8799] Only thou shalt not eat H1818 its blood H8210 [H8799] ; thou shalt pour H776 it upon the ground H4325 as water.