Acts 3

  1 G1161 Now G4074 Peter G2532 and G2491 John G305 [G5707] went up G1909 G846 together G1519 into G2411 the temple G5610 at the hour G4335 of prayer G1766 , being the ninth hour.
  2 G2532 And G5100 a certain G435 man G5225 G5560 [G5723] lame G1537 from G846 his G3384 mother's G2836 womb G941 [G5712] was carried G3739 , whom G5087 [G5707] they laid G2250 G2596 daily G4314 at G2374 the gate G2411 of the temple G3588 which G3004 [G5746] is called G5611 Beautiful G154 [G5721] , to ask G1654 alms G3844 of G1531 [G5740] them that entered G1519 into G2411 the temple;
  3 G3739 Who G1492 [G5631] seeing G4074 Peter G2532 and G2491 John G3195 [G5723] about G1524 [G5750] to go G1519 into G2411 the temple G2065 G2983 [G5707] asked G1654 alms.
  4 G1161 And G4074 Peter G816 [G5660] , fastening his eyes G1519 upon G846 him G4862 with G2491 John G2036 [G5627] , said G991 [G5657] , Look G1519 on G2248 us.
  5 G1161 And G1907 [G5707] he gave heed G846 to them G4328 [G5723] , expecting G2983 [G5629] to receive G5100 something G3844 from G846 them.
  6 G1161 Then G4074 Peter G2036 [G5627] said G694 , Silver G2532 and G5553 gold G5225 [G5719] have G3427 I G3756 none G1161 ; but G3739 G5124 such as G2192 [G5719] I have G1325 [G5719] I give G4671 thee G1722 : In G3686 the name G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G3480 of Nazareth G1453 [G5669] rise up G2532 and G4043 [G5720] walk.
  7 G2532 And G4084 [G5660] he took G846 him G1188 by the right G5495 hand G1453 [G5656] , and lifted him up G1161 : and G3916 immediately G846 his G939 feet G2532 and G4974 ankle bones G4732 [G5681] received strength.
  8 G2532 And G1814 [G5740] he leaping up G2476 [G5627] stood G2532 , and G4043 [G5707] walked G2532 , and G1525 [G5627] entered G4862 with G846 them G1519 into G2411 the temple G4043 [G5723] , walking G2532 , and G242 [G5740] leaping G2532 , and G134 [G5723] praising G2316 God.
  9 G2532 And G3956 all G2992 the people G1492 [G5627] saw G846 him G4043 [G5723] walking G2532 and G134 [G5723] praising G2316 God:
  10 G5037 And G1921 [G5707] they knew G3754 that G846 it G2258 [G5713] was G3778 he G3588 who G2521 [G5740] sat G4314 for G1654 alms G1909 at G5611 the Beautiful G4439 gate G2411 of the temple G2532 : and G4130 [G5681] they were filled G2285 with wonder G2532 and G1611 amazement G1909 at G4819 [G5761] that which had happened G846 to him.
  11 G1161 And G5560 as the lame man G2390 [G5685] who was healed G2902 [G5723] held G4074 Peter G2532 and G2491 John G3956 , all G2992 the people G4936 [G5627] ran together G4314 to G846 them G1909 in G4745 the porch G2564 [G5746] that is called G4672 Solomon's G1569 , greatly wondering.
  12 G1161 And G4074 when Peter G1492 [G5631] saw G611 [G5662] it, he answered G4314 to G2992 the people G435 , Ye men G2475 of Israel G5101 , why G2296 [G5719] marvel ye G1909 at G5129 this G2228 ? or G5101 why G816 [G5719] look ye so earnestly G2254 on us G5613 , as though G2398 by our own G1411 power G2228 or G2150 holiness G4160 [G5761] we had made G846 this man G4043 [G5721] to walk?
  13 G2316 The God G11 of Abraham G2532 , and G2464 of Isaac G2532 , and G2384 of Jacob G2316 , the God G2257 of our G3962 fathers G1392 [G5656] , hath glorified G846 his G3816 Son G2424 Jesus G3739 ; whom G5210 ye G3860 [G5656] delivered up G2532 , and G720 [G5662] denied G846 him G2596 in G4383 the presence G4091 of Pilate G2919 [G5660] , when he was determined G630 0 to let G1565 him G630 [G5721] go.
  14 G1161 But G5210 ye G720 [G5662] denied G40 the Holy One G2532 and G1342 the Just G2532 , and G154 [G5668] desired G5406 G435 a murderer G5483 [G5683] to be granted G5213 to you;
  15 G1161 And G615 [G5656] killed G747 the Prince G2222 of life G3739 , whom G2316 God G1453 [G5656] hath raised G1537 from G3498 the dead G3739 ; to which G2249 we G2070 [G5748] are G3144 witnesses.
  16 G2532 And G846 his G3686 name G1909 through G4102 faith G846 in his G3686 name G4732 0 hath made G5026 this man G4732 [G5656] strong G3739 , whom G2334 [G5719] ye see G2532 and G1492 [G5758] know G2532 : yea G4102 , the faith G1325 0 which is G1223 by G846 him G1325 [G5656] hath given G846 him G5126 this G3647 perfect soundness G561 in the presence G5216 of you G3956 all.
  17 G2532 And G3568 now G80 , brethren G1492 [G5758] , I know G3754 that G2596 through G52 ignorance G4238 [G5656] ye did G5618 it, as G2532 did also G5216 your G758 rulers.
  18 G1161 But G3739 those things, which G2316 God G4293 [G5656] before had shown G1223 by G4750 the mouth G3956 of all G846 his G4396 prophets G5547 , that Christ G3958 [G5629] should suffer G4137 0 , he hath G3779 so G4137 [G5656] fulfilled.
  19 G3340 [G5657] Repent ye G3767 therefore G2532 , and G1994 [G5657] be converted G1519 , that G5216 your G266 sins G1813 [G5683] may be blotted out G3704 , when G2540 the times G403 of refreshing G302 G2064 [G5632] shall come G575 from G4383 the presence G2962 of the Lord;
  20 G2532 And G649 [G5661] he shall send G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G4296 [G5772] , who before was preached G5213 to you:
  21 G3739 Whom G3772 G3303 the heaven G1163 [G5748] must G1209 [G5664] receive G891 until G5550 the times G605 of restitution G3956 of all things G3739 , which G2316 God G2980 [G5656] hath spoken G1223 by G4750 the mouth G3956 of all G846 his G40 holy G4396 prophets G575 since G165 the world began.
  22 G1063 For G3475 Moses G3303 truly G2036 [G5627] said G4314 to G3962 the fathers G3754 , G4396 A prophet G450 0 shall G2962 the Lord G5216 your G2316 God G450 [G5692] raise up G5213 to you G1537 of G5216 your G80 brethren G5613 , like G1691 me G846 ; him G191 [G5695] shall ye hear G2596 in G3956 all things G3745 G302 whatever G2980 [G5661] he shall say G4314 to G5209 you.
  23 G1161 And G2071 [G5704] it shall come to pass G3956 , that every G5590 soul G3748 G302 , who G191 0 will G3361 not G191 [G5661] hear G1565 that G4396 prophet G1842 [G5701] , shall be destroyed G1537 from among G2992 the people.
  24 G2532 Yea G1161 , and G3956 all G4396 the prophets G575 also from G4545 Samuel G2532 and G2517 those that follow G3745 , as many as G2980 [G5656] have spoken G4293 0 , have G2532 likewise G4293 [G5656] foretold G5025 these G2250 days.
  25 G5210 Ye G2075 [G5748] are G5207 the children G4396 of the prophets G2532 , and G1242 of the covenant G3739 which G2316 God G1303 [G5639] made G4314 with G2257 our G3962 fathers G3004 [G5723] , saying G4314 to G11 Abraham G2532 , And G4675 in thy G4690 seed G1757 0 shall G3956 all G3965 the kindreds G1093 of the earth G1757 [G5701] be blessed.
  26 G5213 To you G4412 first G2316 God G450 [G5660] , having raised up G846 his G3816 Son G2424 Jesus G649 [G5656] , sent G846 him G2127 [G5723] to bless G5209 you G1722 , in G654 [G5721] turning away G1538 each one G5216 of you G575 from G4189 his iniquities.