2 Kings 25:2-7

  2 H5892 And the city H935 H4692 [H8799] was besieged H6249 H6240 to the eleventh H8141 year H4428 of king H6667 Zedekiah.
  3 H8672 And on the ninth H2320 day of the fourth month H7458 the famine H2388 [H8799] prevailed H5892 in the city H3899 , and there was no bread H5971 for the people H776 of the land.
  4 H5892 And the city H1234 [H8735] was broken up H582 , and all the men H4421 of war H3915 fled by night H1870 by the way H8179 of the gate H2346 between two walls H4428 , which is by the king's H1588 garden H3778 : (now the Chaldees H5892 were against the city H5439 on all sides H3212 [H8799] :) and the king went H1870 the way H6160 toward the plain.
  5 H2428 And the army H3778 of the Chaldees H7291 H310 [H8799] pursued H4428 the king H5381 [H8686] , and overtook H6160 him in the plains H3405 of Jericho H2428 : and all his army H6327 [H8738] were scattered from him.
  6 H8610 [H8799] So they took H4428 the king H5927 [H8686] , and brought him H4428 to the king H894 of Babylon H7247 to Riblah H1696 [H8762] ; and they pronounced H4941 sentence upon him.
  7 H7819 [H8804] And they slew H1121 the sons H6667 of Zedekiah H5869 before his eyes H5786 [H8765] , and put out H5869 the eyes H6667 of Zedekiah H631 [H8799] , and bound H5178 him with fetters H5178 of brass H935 [H8686] , and carried H894 him to Babylon.