1 Chronicles 26:20-28

  20 H3881 And of the Levites H281 , Ahijah H214 was over the treasuries H1004 of the house H430 of God H214 , and over the treasuries H6944 of the dedicated things.
  21 H1121 As concerning the sons H3936 of Laadan H1121 ; the sons H1649 of the Gershonite H3936 Laadan H7218 , chief H1 fathers H3936 , even of Laadan H1649 the Gershonite H3172 , were Jehieli.
  22 H1121 The sons H3172 of Jehieli H2241 ; Zetham H3100 , and Joel H251 his brother H214 , who were over the treasuries H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD.
  23 H6020 Of the Amramites H3325 , and the Izharites H2276 , the Hebronites H5817 , and the Uzzielites:
  24 H7619 And Shebuel H1121 the son H1647 of Gershom H1121 , the son H4872 of Moses H5057 , was ruler H214 of the treasuries.
  25 H251 And his brethren H461 by Eliezer H7345 ; Rehabiah H1121 his son H3470 , and Jeshaiah H1121 his son H3141 , and Joram H1121 his son H2147 , and Zichri H1121 his son H8019 H8013 [H8675] , and Shelomith H1121 his son.
  26 H8013 Which Shelomith H251 and his brethren H214 were over all the treasuries H6944 of the dedicated things H1732 , which David H4428 the king H7218 , and the chief H1 fathers H8269 , the captains H505 over thousands H3967 and hundreds H8269 , and the captains H6635 of the host H6942 [H8689] , had dedicated.
  27 H7998 Out of the spoils H4421 won in battles H6942 [H8689] did they dedicate H2388 [H8763] to maintain H1004 the house H3068 of the LORD.
  28 H8050 And all that Samuel H7200 [H8802] the seer H7586 , and Saul H1121 the son H7027 of Kish H74 , and Abner H1121 the son H5369 of Ner H3097 , and Joab H1121 the son H6870 of Zeruiah H6942 [H8689] , had dedicated H6942 [H8688] ; and whoever had dedicated H3027 any thing, it was under the hand H8019 of Shelomith H251 , and of his brethren.