2 Corinthians 10:13-18

WNT(i) 13 We, however, will not exceed due limits in our boasting, but will keep within the limits of the sphere which God has assigned to us as a limit, which reaches even to you. 14 For there is no undue stretch of authority on our part, as though it did not extend to you. We pressed on even to Corinth, and were the first to proclaim to you the Good News of the Christ. 15 We do not exceed our due limits, and take credit for other men's labours; but we entertain the hope that, as your faith grows, we shall gain promotion among you--still keeping within our own sphere--promotion to a larger field of labour, 16 and shall tell the Good News in the districts beyond you, not boasting in another man's sphere about work already done by him. 17 But "WHOEVER BOASTS, LET HIS BOAST BE IN THE LORD." 18 For it is not the man that commends himself who is really approved, but he whom the Lord commends.