Romans 11:1-36

  1 G3004 I ask G3361 then, G683 did G2316 God G683 reject G846 his G3361 people? G1096 May it never be! G1063 For G1473 I G2532 also G1510 am G2475 an Israelite, G4690 a descendant G1537 of G11 Abraham, G5443 of the tribe G958 of Benjamin.
  2 G2316 God G683   G3756 didn't G683 reject G846 his G2992 people, G3739 which G2228 he foreknew. G3756 Or don't G1492 you know G5101 what G1124 the Scripture G3004 says G1722 about G2243 Elijah? G5613 How G1793 he pleads G2316 with God G2596 against G2474 Israel:
  3 G2962 "Lord, G615 they have killed G4675 your G4396 prophets, G2532 they G2679 have broken down G4675 your G2379 altars; G2504 and I G5275 am left G3441 alone, G2532 and G2212 they seek G3450 my G5590 life."
  4 G235 But G5101 how G5538 does God G3004 answer G846 him? G2641 "I have reserved G1683 for myself G2035 seven thousand G435 men, G3748 who G2578 have G3756 not G2578 bowed G1119 the knee G896 to G896 Baal."
  5 G3779 Even so G3767 then G1722 at G3568 this present G2540 time G2532 also G1096 there is G3005 a remnant G2596 according to G1589 the election G5485 of grace.
  6 G1161 And G1487 if G5485 by grace, G3765 then G3765 it is no longer G1537 of G2041 works; G1893 otherwise G5485 grace G1096 is G3765 no longer G5485 grace. G1161 But G1487 if G2076 it G1537 is of G2041 works, G2076 it G3765 is no longer G5485 grace; G1893 otherwise G2041 work G2076 is G3765 no longer G2041 work.
  7 G5101 What G3767 then? G5127 That G3739 which G2474 Israel G1934 seeks for, G2013 that he G3756 didn't G2013 obtain, G1161 but G1589 the chosen G2013 ones obtained it, G1161 and G3062 the rest G4456 were hardened.
  8 G2531 According as G1125 it is written, G2316 "God G1325 gave G846 them G4151 a spirit G2659 of stupor, G3788 eyes G991 that they should G3361 not G991 see, G2532 and G3775 ears G191 that they should G3361 not G191 hear, G2193 to G4594 this G2250 very day."
  9 G1138 David G3004 says, G1519   G1096 "Let G846 their G5132 table G1096 be made G1519   G3803 a snare, G2532 and G1519   G2339 a trap, G1519   G1519   G4625 a stumbling block, G2532 and G1519   G468 a retribution G846 to them.
  10 G4654 Let G846 their G3788 eyes G4654 be darkened, G991 that they may G3361 not G991 see. G2532   G4781 Bow down G846 their G3577 back G1275 always."
  11 G3004 I ask G3361 then, G4417 did they stumble G2443 that G3361 they might fall? G1096 May it never be! G235 But G3900 by G846 their G3900 fall G4991 salvation G1484 has come to the Gentiles, G1519 to G3863 provoke G846 them G3863 to jealousy.
  12 G1161 Now G1487 if G846 their G3900 fall G4149 is the riches G2889 of the world, G2532 and G846 their G2275 loss G4149 the riches G1484 of the Gentiles; G4214 how much G3123 more G846 their G4138 fullness?
  13 G1063 For G3004 I speak G5213 to you G1909 who are Gentiles. G3745 Since then as G1473 I G1510 am G652 an apostle G1484 to Gentiles, G1392 I glorify G3450 my G1248 ministry;
  14 G1487 if G4459 by any means G3863 I may provoke to jealousy G3450 those who are my G4561 flesh, G2532 and G4982 may save G5100 some G1537 of G846 them.
  15 G1063 For G1487 if G580 the rejection G846 of them G2643 is the reconciling G2889 of the world, G5101 what G4356 would their acceptance G1487 be, G3361 but G2222 life G1537 from G3498 the dead?
  16 G1161   G1487 If G536 the first fruit G40 is holy, G2532 so G5445 is the lump. G2532   G1487 If G4491 the root G40 is holy, G2532 so G2798 are the branches.
  17 G1161 But G1487 if G5100 some G2798 of the branches G1575 were broken off, G1161 and G4771 you, G5607 being G65 a wild olive, G1461 were grafted G1722 in G846 among them, G2532 and G1096 became G4791 partaker G4491 with them of the root G2532 and G4096 of the richness G1636 of the olive tree;
  18 G3361 don't G2620 boast G2798 over the branches. G1161 But G1487 if G2620 you boast, G3756 it is not G4571 you G941 who support G4491 the root, G235 but G4491 the root G4571 supports you.
  19 G2046 You will say G3767 then, G2798 "Branches G1575 were broken off, G2443 that G1473 I G1461 might be grafted in."
  20 G2573 True; G570 by their unbelief G1575 they were broken off, G1161 and G4771 you G2476 stand G4102 by your faith. G3361 Don't G5309 be G5309 conceited, G235 but G5399 fear;
  21 G1063 for G1487 if G2316 God G3756 didn't G5339 spare G2798 the G5449 natural G2798 branches, G5339 neither will he G5339 spare G4675 you.
  22 G1492 See G3767 then G5544 the goodness G2532 and G663 severity G2316 of God. G1909 Toward G4098 those who fell, G663 severity; G1161 but G1909 toward G4571 you, G5544 goodness, G1437 if G1961 you continue G5544 in G5544 his goodness; G1893 otherwise G4771 you G2532 also G1581 will be cut off.
  23 G1161   G1565 They G2532 also, G1437 if G3361 they don't G1961 continue G1961   G570 in their unbelief, G1461 will be grafted in, G1063 for G2316 God G2076 is G1415 able G1461 to graft G846 them G1461 in G3825 again.
  24 G1063 For G1487 if G4771 you G1581 were cut out G1537 of G2596 that which is by G5449 nature G65 a wild G2532 olive tree, and G1461 were grafted G3844 contrary to G5449 nature G1519 into G2565 a good olive tree, G4214 how much G3123 more G1461 will G3778 these, G3588 which are G2596   G5449 the natural G1461 branches, be grafted into G2398 their own G1636 olive tree?
  25 G1063 For G3756 I don't G2309 desire G5209 you G2309 to be G50 ignorant, G80 brothers, G5124 of this G3466 mystery, G2443 so G3361 that G5600 you won't be G5429 wise G3844 in G1438 your own conceits, G3754 that G575 a G3313 partial G4457 hardening G1096 has happened G2474 to Israel, G891 until G4138 the fullness G1484 of the Gentiles G1525 has come in,
  26 G2532 and G3779 so G3956 all G2474 Israel G4982 will be saved. G2531 Even as G1125 it is written, G2240 "There will come G1537 out of G4622 Zion G4506 the Deliverer, G2532 and G654 he will turn away G763 ungodliness G575 from G2384 Jacob.
  27 G2532   G3778 This G1700 is my G1242 covenant G846 to them, G3752 when G851 I will take away G846 their G266 sins."
  28 G2596 Concerning G2098 the Good News, G2190 they are enemies G1223 for G5209 your G1223 sake. G1161 But G2596 concerning G1589 the election, G27 they are beloved G1223 for G3962 the fathers' G1223 sake.
  29 G1063 For G5486 the gifts G2532 and G2821 the calling G2316 of God G278 are irrevocable.
  30 G1063 For G5618 as G5210 you G4218 in time past G544 were disobedient G2316 to God, G1161 but G3568 now G1653 have G1653 obtained mercy G543 by G5130 their G543 disobedience,
  31 G3779 even so G3778 these G2532 also G544 have G3568 now G544 been disobedient, G2443 that G1656 by the mercy G5212 shown to you G846 they G2532 may also G1653 obtain mercy.
  32 G1063 For G2316 God G4788 has shut up G3956 all G1519 to G543 disobedience, G2443 that G1653 he might have mercy on G3956 all.
  33 G5599 Oh G899 the depth G4149 of the riches G2532 both G4678 of the wisdom G2532 and G1108 the knowledge G2316 of God! G5613 How G419 unsearchable G846 are his G2917 judgments, G2532 and G846 his G3598 ways G421 past tracing out!
  34 G1063 "For G5101 who G1097 has known G3563 the mind G2962 of the Lord? G2228 Or G5101 who G1096 has been G846 his G4825 counselor?"
  35 G2228 "Or G5101 who G4272 has first given G846 to him, G2532 and G467 it will be repaid G846 to him G467 again?"
  36 G3754 For G1537 of G846 him, G2532 and G1223 through G846 him, G2532 and G1519 to G846 him, G3956 are all things. G846 To him G1391 be the glory G1519 for G165 ever! G281 Amen.