Psalms 95:4-7

  4 H3027 In his hand H4278 are the deep places H776 of the earth. H8443 The heights H2022 of the mountains are also his.
  5 H3220 The sea H6213 is his, and he made H3027 it. His hands H3335 formed H3006 the dry land.
  6 H935 Oh come, H7812 let's worship H3766 and bow down. H1288 Let's kneel H6440 before H3068 Yahweh, H6213 our Maker,
  7 H430 for he is our God. H5971 We are the people H4830 of his pasture, H6629 and the sheep H3027 in his care. H3117 Today, H8085 oh that you would hear H6963 his voice!