Psalms 88

  1 H3068 Yahweh, H430 the God H3444 of my salvation, H6817 I have cried H3117 day H3915 and night before you.
  2 H8605 Let my prayer H935 enter H6440 into your presence. H5186 Turn H241 your ear H7440 to my cry.
  3 H5315 For my soul H7646 is full H7451 of troubles. H2416 My life H5060 draws near H7585 to Sheol.
  4 H2803 I am counted H3381 among those who go down H953 into the pit. H1397 I am like a man H353 who has no help,
  5 H2670 set H4191 apart among the dead, H2491 like the slain H7901 who lie H6913 in the grave, H2142 whom you remember H1504 no more. They are cut off H3027 from your hand.
  6 H7896 You have laid H8482 me in the lowest H953 pit, H4285 in the darkest H4688 depths.
  7 H2534 Your wrath H5564 lies heavily H6031 on me. You have afflicted H4867 me with all your waves. H5542 Selah.
  8 H7368 You have taken H3045 my friends H7368 from H7896 me. You have made H8441 me an abomination H3607 to them. I am confined, H3318 and I can't escape.
  9 H5869 My eyes H1669 are dim H6040 from grief. H7121 I have called H3117 on you daily, H3068 Yahweh. H7849 I have spread out H3709 my hands to you.
  10 H6213 Do you show H6382 wonders H4191 to the dead? H7496 Do the dead H6965 rise H3034 up and praise H5542 you? Selah.
  11 H2617 Is your loving kindness H5608 declared H6913 in the grave? H530 Or your faithfulness H11 in Destruction?
  12 H6382 Are your wonders H3045 made known H2822 in the dark? H6666 Or your righteousness H776 in the land H5388 of forgetfulness?
  13 H3068 But to you, Yahweh, H7768 I have cried. H1242 In the morning, H8605 my prayer H6923 comes before you.
  14 H3068 Yahweh, H2186 why do you reject H5315 my soul? H5641 Why do you hide H6440 your face from me?
  15 H6041 I am afflicted H1478 and ready to die H5290 from my youth H5375 up. While I suffer H367 your terrors, H6323 I am distracted.
  16 H2740 Your fierce wrath H5674 has gone over H1161 me. Your terrors H6789 have cut me off.
  17 H5437 They came around H4325 me like water H3117 all day H5362 long. They completely H3162 engulfed me.
  18 H157 You have put lover H7453 and friend H7368 far H3045 from me, and my friends H4285 into darkness.