Psalms 54

  1 H3467 Save H430 me, God, H8034 by your name. H1777 Vindicate H1369 me in your might.
  2 H8085 Hear H8605 my prayer, H430 God. H238 Listen H561 to the words H6310 of my mouth.
  3 H2114 For strangers H6965 have risen up H6184 against me. Violent H1245 men have sought H5315 after my soul. H7760 They haven't set H430 God H5542 before them. Selah.
  4 H430 Behold, God H5826 is my helper. H136 The Lord H5315 is the one H5315 who sustains my soul.
  5 H7725 He will repay H7451 the evil H8324 to my enemies. H6789 Destroy H571 them in your truth.
  6 H5071 With a free will offering, H2076 I will sacrifice H3034 to you. I will give thanks H8034 to your name, H3068 Yahweh, H2896 for it is good.
  7 H5337 For he has delivered H6869 me out of all trouble. H5869 My eye H7200 has seen H341 triumph over my enemies.