Psalms 23:1-6

  1 H3068 Yahweh H7462 is my shepherd: H2637 I shall lack nothing.
  2 H7257 He makes me lie down H1877 in green H4999 pastures. H5095 He leads H4496 me beside still H4325 waters.
  3 H7725 He restores H5315 my soul. H5148 He guides H4570 me in the paths H6664 of righteousness H8034 for his name's sake.
  4 H3212 Even though I walk H1516 through the valley H6757 of the shadow of death, H3372 I will fear H7451 no evil, H7626 for you are with me. Your rod H4938 and your staff, H5162 they comfort me.
  5 H6186 You prepare H7979 a table H6440 before H6887 me in the presence of my enemies. H1878 You anoint H7218 my head H8081 with oil. H3563 My cup H7310 runs over.
  6 H2896 Surely goodness H2617 and loving kindness H7291 shall follow H3117 me all the days H2416 of my life, H3427 and I will dwell H3068 in Yahweh's H1004 house H753 forever.