Psalms 15

  1 H3068 Yahweh, H1481 who shall dwell H168 in your sanctuary? H7931 Who shall live H6944 on your holy H2022 hill?
  2 H1980 He who walks H8549 blamelessly H6466 does H6664 what is right, H1696 and speaks H571 truth H3824 in his heart;
  3 H7270 He who doesn't slander H3956 with his tongue, H6213 nor does H7451 evil H7453 to his friend, H5375 nor casts H2781 slurs H7138 against his fellow man;
  4 H5869 In whose eyes H3988 a vile man H959 is despised, H3513 but who honors H3373 those who fear H3068 Yahweh; H7650 he who keeps an oath H7489 even when it hurts, H4171 and doesn't change;
  5 H5414 he who doesn't lend out H3701 his money H5392 for usury, H3947 nor take H7810 a bribe H5355 against the innocent. H6213 He who does H5769 these things shall never H4131 be shaken.