Psalms 148

  1 H1984 Praise H3050 Yah! H1984 Praise H3050 Yahweh H8064 from the heavens! H1984 Praise H4791 him in the heights!
  2 H1984 Praise H4397 him, all his angels! H1984 Praise H6635 him, all his army!
  3 H1984 Praise H8121 him, sun H3394 and moon! H1984 Praise H216 him, all you shining H3556 stars!
  4 H1984 Praise H8064 him, you heavens H8064 of heavens, H4325 You waters H8064 that are above the heavens.
  5 H1984 Let them praise H8034 the name H3068 of Yahweh, H6680 For he commanded, H1254 and they were created.
  6 H5975 He has also established H5703 them forever H5703 and ever. H5414 He has made H2706 a decree H5674 which will not pass away.
  7 H1984 Praise H3068 Yahweh H776 from the earth, H8577 you great sea creatures, H8415 and all depths!
  8 H784 Lightning H1259 and hail, H7950 snow H7008 and clouds; H5591 stormy H7307 wind, H6213 fulfilling H1697 his word;
  9 H2022 mountains H1389 and all hills; H6529 fruit H6086 trees H730 and all cedars;
  10 H2416 wild animals H929 and all livestock; H7431 small creatures H3671 and flying H6833 birds;
  11 H4428 kings H776 of the earth H3816 and all peoples; H8269 princes H8199 and all judges H776 of the earth;
  12 H970 both young men H1330 and maidens; H2205 old men H2205 and children:
  13 H1984 let them praise H8034 the name H3068 of Yahweh, H8034 for his name H7682 alone is exalted. H1935 His glory H776 is above the earth H8064 and the heavens.
  14 H7311 He has lifted H7161 up the horn H5971 of his people, H8416 the praise H2623 of all his saints; H1121 even of the children H3478 of Israel, H5971 a people H7138 near H1984 to him. Praise H3050 Yah!