Psalms 145:10-13

  10 H4639 All your works H3034 will give thanks H3068 to you, Yahweh. H2623 Your saints H1288 will extol you.
  11 H559 They will speak H3519 of the glory H4438 of your kingdom, H1696 and talk H1369 about your power;
  12 H3045 to make known H1121 to the sons H120 of men H1369 his mighty acts, H3519 the glory H3519 of the majesty H4438 of his kingdom.
  13 H4438 Your kingdom H5769 is an everlasting H4438 kingdom. H4475 Your dominion H1755 endures throughout all H1755 generations. Yahweh is faithful in all his words, and loving in all his deeds.