Psalms 109

  1 H430 God H8416 of my praise, H2790 don't remain silent,
  2 H6605 for they have opened H6310 the mouth H7563 of the wicked H6310 and the mouth H4820 of deceit H1696 against me. They have spoken H8267 to me with a lying H3956 tongue.
  3 H5437 They have also surrounded H1697 me with words H8135 of hatred, H3898 and fought H2600 against me without a cause.
  4 H160 In return for my love, H7853 they are my adversaries; H8605 but I am in prayer.
  5 H7760 They have rewarded H7451 me evil H2896 for good, H8135 and hatred H160 for my love.
  6 H6485 Set H7563 a wicked man H7854 over him. Let an adversary H5975 stand H3225 at his right hand.
  7 H8199 When he is judged, H3318 let him come forth H7563 guilty. H8605 Let his prayer H2401 be turned into sin.
  8 H3117 Let his days H4592 be few. H312 Let another H3947 take H6486 his office.
  9 H1121 Let his children H3490 be fatherless, H802 and his wife H490 a widow.
  10 H1121 Let his children H5128 be wandering H5128 beggars. H7592   H1875 Let them be sought H2723 from their ruins.
  11 H5383 Let the creditor H5367 seize H2114 all that he has. Let strangers H962 plunder H3018 the fruit of his labor.
  12 H4900 Let there be no one to extend H2617 kindness H2603 to him, neither let there be anyone to have pity H3490 on his fatherless children.
  13 H319 Let his posterity H3772 be cut off. H1755 In the generation H312 following H8034 let their name H4229 be blotted out.
  14 H5771 Let the iniquity H1 of his fathers H2142 be remembered H3068 by Yahweh. H2403 Don't let the sin H517 of his mother H4229 be blotted out.
  15 H3068 Let them be before Yahweh H8548 continually, H3772 that he may cut off H2143 their memory H776 from the earth;
  16 H2142 because he didn't remember H6213 to show H2617 kindness, H7291 but persecuted H6041 the poor H34 and needy H376 man, H3512 the broken H3824 in heart, H4191 to kill them.
  17 H157 Yes, he loved H7045 cursing, H935 and it came H2654 to him. He didn't delight H1293 in blessing, H7368 and it was far from him.
  18 H3847 He clothed H7045 himself also with cursing H4055 as with his garment. H935 It came H7130 into his inward H4325 parts like water, H8081 like oil H6106 into his bones.
  19 H899 Let it be to him as the clothing H5844 with which he covers H4206 himself, for the belt H8548 that is always H2296 around him.
  20 H6468 This is the reward H7853 of my adversaries H3068 from Yahweh, H1696 of those who speak H7451 evil H5315 against my soul.
  21 H6213 But deal H136 with me, Yahweh H136 the Lord, H8034 for your name's H2617 sake, because your loving kindness H2896 is good, H5337 deliver me;
  22 H6041 for I am poor H34 and needy. H3820 My heart H2490 is wounded H7130 within me.
  23 H1980 I fade away H5186 like an evening H6738 shadow. H5287 I am shaken off H697 like a locust.
  24 H1290 My knees H3782 are weak H6685 through fasting. H1320 My body H3584 is thin H8081 and lacks fat.
  25 H2781 I have also become a reproach H7200 to them. When they see H5128 me, they shake H7218 their head.
  26 H5826 Help H3068 me, Yahweh, H430 my God. H3467 Save H2617 me according to your loving kindness;
  27 H3045 that they may know H3027 that this is your hand; H3068 that you, Yahweh, H6213 have done it.
  28 H7043 They may curse, H1288 but you bless. H6965 When they arise, H954 they will be shamed, H5650 but your servant H8055 shall rejoice.
  29 H7853 Let my adversaries H3847 be clothed H3639 with dishonor. H5844 Let them cover H1322 themselves with their own shame H4598 as with a robe.
  30 H3966 I will give great H3034 thanks H3068 to Yahweh H6310 with my mouth. H1984 Yes, I will praise H8432 him among H7227 the multitude.
  31 H5975 For he will stand H3225 at the right hand H34 of the needy, H3467 to save H8199 him from those who judge H5315 his soul.