Psalms 106:25-48

  25 H7279 but murmured H168 in their tents, H8085 and didn't listen H3068 to Yahweh's H6963 voice.
  26 H5375 Therefore he swore H3027 to H5307 them that he would overthrow H4057 them in the wilderness,
  27 H5307 that he would overthrow H2233 their seed H1471 among the nations, H2219 and scatter H776 them in the lands.
  28 H6775 They joined H1187 themselves also to Baal H398 Peor, and ate H2077 the sacrifices H4191 of the dead.
  29 H3707 Thus they provoked him to anger H4611 with their deeds. H4046 The plague H6555 broke in on them.
  30 H6372 Then Phinehas H5975 stood up, H6419 and executed judgment, H4046 so the plague H6113 was stopped.
  31 H2803 That was credited H6666 to him for righteousness, H1755 for all H1755 generations H5704 to H5769 come.
  32 H7107 They angered H4325 him also at the waters H4808 of Meribah, H4872 so that Moses H3415 was troubled for their sakes;
  33 H4784 because they were rebellious H7307 against his spirit, H981 he spoke rashly H8193 with his lips.
  34 H8045 They didn't destroy H5971 the peoples, H3068 as Yahweh H559 commanded them,
  35 H6148 but mixed H1471 themselves with the nations, H3925 and learned H4639 their works.
  36 H5647 They served H6091 their idols, H4170 which became a snare to them.
  37 H2076 Yes, they sacrificed H1121 their sons H1323 and their daughters H7700 to demons.
  38 H8210 They shed H5355 innocent H1818 blood, H1818 even the blood H1121 of their sons H1323 and of their daughters, H2076 whom they sacrificed H6091 to the idols H3667 of Canaan. H776 The land H2610 was polluted H1818 with blood.
  39 H2930 Thus were they defiled H4639 with their works, H2181 and prostituted H4639 themselves in their deeds.
  40 H3068 Therefore Yahweh H2734 burned H639 with anger H5971 against his people. H8581 He abhorred H5159 his inheritance.
  41 H5414 He gave H3027 them into the hand H1471 of the nations. H8130 Those who hated H4910 them ruled over them.
  42 H341 Their enemies H3905 also oppressed H3665 them. They were brought into subjection H3027 under their hand.
  43 H7227 Many H6471 times H5337 he delivered H4784 them, but they were rebellious H6098 in their counsel, H4355 and were brought low H5771 in their iniquity.
  44 H7200 Nevertheless he regarded H6862 their distress, H8085 when he heard H7440 their cry.
  45 H2142 He remembered H1285 for them his covenant, H5162 and repented H7230 according to the multitude H2617 of his loving kindnesses.
  46 H5414 He made H7356 them also to be pitied H6440 by H7617 all those who carried them captive.
  47 H3467 Save H3068 us, Yahweh, H430 our God, H6908 gather H1471 us from among the nations, H3034 to give thanks H6944 to your holy H8034 name, H7623 to triumph H8416 in your praise!
  48 H1288 Blessed H3068 BOOK be V Yahweh, H430 the God H3478 of Israel, H5769 from everlasting H5769 even to everlasting! H5971 Let all the people H559 say, H543 "Amen." H1984 Praise H3050 Yah!