Philippians 3:7-9

  7 G235 However, G3748 what things G2258 were G2771 gain G3427 to me, G5023 these G2233 have I counted G2209 loss G1223 for G5547 Christ.
  8 G235 Yes G3304 most certainly, G2532 and G2233 I count G3956 all things G1511 to be G2209 loss G1223 for G5242 the excellency G1108 of the knowledge G5547 of Christ G2424 Jesus, G3450 my G2962 Lord, G1223 for G3739 whom G2210 I suffered the loss of G3956 all things, G2532 and G2233 count G4657 them nothing but refuse, G2443 that G1511 I G2770 may gain G5547 Christ
  9 G2532 and G2147 be found G1722 in G846 him, G3361 not G2192 having G1343 a righteousness G1537 of G1699 my own, G3588 that which is G1537 of G3551 the law, G235 but G3588 that which is G1223 through G4102 faith G5547 in Christ, G1343 the righteousness G3588 which is G2316 from God G1909 by G4102 faith;