Luke 11:8-13

  8 G3004 I tell G5213 you, G1487 although G2532 he G1325 will G3756 not G450 rise and G1325 give G846 it to him G1223 because G1511 he is G846 his G5384 friend, G1065 yet G1223 because G335 of G846 his G335 persistence, G1453 he will get up G1325 and give G846 him G3745 as many as G5535 he needs.
  9 G2504 "I G3004 tell G5213 you, G154 keep asking, G2532 and G1325 it will be given G5213 you. G2212 Keep seeking, G2532 and G2147 you will find. G2925 Keep knocking, G2532 and G455 it will be opened G5213 to you.
  10 G1063 For G3956 everyone G154 who asks G2983 receives. G2532 He G2212 who seeks G2147 finds. G2532 To G2925 him who knocks G455 it will be opened.
  11 G5101 "Which G5216 of you G1161 fathers, if G5207 your son G154 asks G740 for bread, G1929 will give G846 him G3037 a stone? G2532 Or G1487 if G3361 he asks for a fish, G1929 he G1929 won't give G846 him G3789 a snake G473 instead G2486 of a fish, G1929 will he?
  12 G2228 Or G2532   G1437 if G154 he asks G3361 for an egg, G1929 he won't give G846 him G4651 a scorpion, will he?
  13 G1487 If G5210 you G3767 then, G5225 being G4190 evil, G1492 know how G1325 to give G18 good G1390 gifts G5043 to G5216 your G5043 children, G4214 how much G3123 more G1537 will your G3772 heavenly G3962 Father G1325 give G4151 the G40 Holy G4151 Spirit G154 to those who ask G846 him?"