Isaiah 6:3-5

  3 H7121 One called H559 to another, and said, H6918 "Holy, H6918 holy, H6918 holy, H3068 is Yahweh H6635 of Armies! H776 The whole earth H4393 is full H3519 of his glory!"
  4 H520 The foundations H5592 of the thresholds H5128 shook H6963 at the voice H7121 of him who called, H1004 and the house H4390 was filled H6227 with smoke.
  5 H559 Then I said, H188 "Woe H1820 is me! For I am undone, H376 because I am a man H2931 of unclean H8193 lips, H3427 and I dwell H8432 in the midst H5971 of a people H2931 of unclean H8193 lips: H5869 for my eyes H7200 have seen H4428 the King, H3068 Yahweh H6635 of Armies!"