Genesis 9:22-24

  22 H2526 Ham, H1 the father H3667 of Canaan, H7200 saw H6172 the nakedness H1 of his father, H5046 and told H8147 his two H251 brothers H2351 outside.
  23 H8035 Shem H3315 and Japheth H3947 took H8071 a garment, H7760 and laid H8147 it on both H7926 their shoulders, H3212 went H3680 in backwards, and covered H6172 the nakedness H1 of their father. H6440 Their faces H322 were backwards, H7200 and they didn't see H1 their father's H6172 nakedness.
  24 H5146 Noah H3364 awoke H3196 from his wine, H3045 and knew H6996 what his youngest H1121 son H6213 had done to him.