Genesis 6:11-13

  11 H776 The earth H7843 was corrupt H6440 before H430 God, H776 and the earth H4390 was filled H2555 with violence.
  12 H430 God H7200 saw H776 the earth, H7843 and saw that it was corrupt, H1320 for all flesh H7843 had corrupted H1870 their way H776 on the earth.
  13 H430 God H559 said H5146 to Noah, H7093 "The end H1320 of all flesh H935 has come H6440 before me, H776 for the earth H4390 is filled with H2555 violence H6440 through them. H7843 Behold, I will destroy H854 them with H776 the earth.