Genesis 49:8-10

  8 H3063 "Judah, H251 your brothers H3034 will praise H3027 you. Your hand H6203 will be on the neck H341 of your enemies. H1 Your father's H1121 sons H7812 will bow down before you.
  9 H3063 Judah H738 is a lion's H1482 cub. H2964 From the prey, H1121 my son, H5927 you have gone up. H3766 He stooped down, H7257 he crouched H3833 as a lion, H3833 as a lioness. H6965 Who will rouse him up?
  10 H7626 The scepter H5493 will not depart H3063 from Judah, H2710 nor the ruler's H7272 staff from between his feet, H3588 until H7886 he H935 comes H3349 to whom it belongs. To him will the obedience H5971 of the peoples be.