Genesis 44

  1 H6680 He commanded H1004 the steward of his house, H559 saying, H4390 "Fill H582 the men's H572 sacks H400 with food, H834 as much as H3201 they can H5375 carry, H7760 and put H376 each man's H3701 money H572 in his sack's H6310 mouth.
  2 H7760 Put H1375 my cup, H3701 the silver H1375 cup, H572 in the sack's H6310 mouth H6996 of the youngest, H7668 with his grain H3701 money." H6213 He did H1697 according to the word H3130 that Joseph H1696 had spoken.
  3 H1242 As soon as the morning H215 was light, H582 the men H7971 were sent away, H2543 they and their donkeys.
  4 H3318 When they had gone out H5892 of the city, H7368 and were not yet far off, H3130 Joseph H559 said H1004 to his steward, H6965 "Up, H7291 follow H310 after H582 the men. H5381 When you overtake H559 them, ask H7999 them, ‘Why have you rewarded H7451 evil H2896 for good?
  5 H113 Isn't this that from which my lord H8354 drinks, H5172 and by which he indeed H5172 divines? H7489 You have done evil H6213 in so doing.'"
  6 H5381 He overtook H1696 them, and he spoke H428 these H1697 words to them.
  7 H559 They said H113 to him, "Why does my lord H1696 speak H1697 such words H2486 as these? Far be it H5650 from your servants H6213 that they should do H1697 such a thing!
  8 H3701 Behold, the money, H4672 which we found H572 in our sacks' H6310 mouths, H7725 we brought again H776 to you out of the land H3667 of Canaan. H1589 How then should we steal H3701 silver H2091 or gold H113 out of your lord's H1004 house?
  9 H5650 With whomever of your servants H4672 it is found, H4191 let him die, H113 and we also will be my lord's H5650 bondservants."
  10 H559 He said, H3651 "Now also let it be according to your words: H4672 he with whom it is found H5650 will be my bondservant; H5355 and you will be blameless."
  11 H4116 Then they hurried, H376 and each man H572 took his sack H3381 down H776 to the ground, H376 and each man H6605 opened H572 his sack.
  12 H2664 He searched, H2490 beginning H1419 with the eldest, H3615 and ending H6996 at the youngest. H1375 The cup H4672 was found H1144 in Benjamin's H572 sack.
  13 H7167 Then they tore H8071 their clothes, H376 and each man H6006 loaded H2543 his donkey, H7725 and returned H5892 to the city.
  14 H3063 Judah H251 and his brothers H935 came H3130 to Joseph's H1004 house, H5307 and he was still there. They fell H776 on the ground H6440 before him.
  15 H3130 Joseph H559 said H4639 to them, "What deed H6213 is this that you have done? H3045 Don't you H376 know that such a man H5172 as I can indeed divine?"
  16 H3063 Judah H559 said, H113 "What will we tell my lord? H1696 What will we speak? H6663 Or how will we clear ourselves? H430 God H4672 has found out H5771 the iniquity H5650 of your servants. H113 Behold, we are my lord's H5650 bondservants, H1571 both we, and he also H834 in whose H1375 hand the cup H4672 is found."
  17 H559 He said, H2486 "Far be it H6213 from me that I should do H2063 so. H376 The man H3027 in whose hand H1375 the cup H4672 is found, H5650 he will be my bondservant; H5927 but as for you, go up H7965 in peace H1 to your father."
  18 H3063 Then Judah H5066 came near H559 to him, and said, H994 "Oh, H113 my lord, H5650 please let your servant H1696 speak H1697 a word H113 in my lord's H241 ears, H639 and don't let your anger H2734 burn H5650 against your servant; H6547 for you are even as Pharaoh.
  19 H113 My lord H7592 asked H5650 his servants, H559 saying, H3426 ‘Have H1 you a father, H251 or a brother?'
  20 H559 We said H113 to my lord, H3426 ‘We have H1 a father, H2205 an old man, H3206 and a child H2208 of his old age, H6996 a little one; H251 and his brother H4191 is dead, H3498 and he alone is left H517 of his mother; H1 and his father H157 loves him.'
  21 H559 You said H5650 to your servants, H3381 ‘Bring him down H7760 to me, that I may set H5869 my eyes on him.'
  22 H559 We said H113 to my lord, H3201 ‘The boy can't H5800 leave H1 his father: H5800 for if he should leave H1 his father, H1 his father H4191 would die.'
  23 H559 You said H5650 to your servants, H3808 ‘Unless H6996 your youngest H251 brother H3381 comes down H3254 with you, you will see H6440 my face H7200 no more.'
  24 H5927 It happened when we came up H5650 to your servant H1 my father, H5046 we told H1697 him the words H113 of my lord.
  25 H1 Our father H559 said, H7725 ‘Go again, H7666 buy H4592 us a little H400 food.'
  26 H559 We said, H3201 ‘We can't H3381 go down. H6996 If our youngest H251 brother H3426 is H3381 with us, then we will go down: H3201 for we may H7200 not see H376 the man's H6440 face, H369 unless H6996 our youngest H251 brother is with us.'
  27 H5650 Your servant, H1 my father, H559 said H3045 to us, ‘You know H802 that my wife H3205 bore H8147 me two sons:
  28 H259 and the one H3318 went out H559 from me, and I said, H2963 "Surely H2963 he is torn in pieces;" H7200 and I haven't seen him H2008 since.
  29 H3947 If you take H5973 this one also from H6440 me, H611 and harm H7136 happens to him, H3381 you will bring down H7872 my gray hairs H7451 with sorrow H7585 to Sheol.'
  30 H935 Now therefore when I come H5650 to your servant H1 my father, H5288 and the boy H5315 is not with us; since his life H7194 is bound up H5315 in the boy's life;
  31 H7200 it will happen, when he sees H5288 that the boy H4191 is no more, that he will die. H5650 Your servants H3381 will bring down H7872 the gray hairs H5650 of your servant, H1 our father, H3015 with sorrow H7585 to Sheol.
  32 H5650 For your servant H6148 became collateral H5288 for the boy H5973 to H1 my father, H559 saying, H935 ‘If I don't bring H2398 him to you, then I will bear the blame H1 to my father H3117 forever.'
  33 H5650 Now therefore, please let your servant H3427 stay H5288 instead of the boy, H5650 a bondservant H113 to my lord; H5288 and let the boy H5927 go up H251 with his brothers.
  34 H349 For how H5927 will I go up H1 to my father, H5288 if the boy H7200 isn't with me?—lest I see H7451 the evil H4672 that will come on H1 my father."