Genesis 42

  1 H3290 Now Jacob H7200 saw H3426 that there was H7668 grain H4714 in Egypt, H3290 and Jacob H559 said H1121 to his sons, H7200 "Why do you look at one another?"
  2 H559 He said, H8085 "Behold, I have heard H3426 that there is H7668 grain H4714 in Egypt. H3381 Go down H7666 there, and buy H2421 for us from there, so that we may live, H4191 and not die."
  3 H3130 Joseph's H6235 ten H251 brothers H3381 went down H7666 to buy H1250 grain H4714 from Egypt.
  4 H3290 But Jacob H7971 didn't send H1144 Benjamin, H3130 Joseph's H251 brother, H251 with his brothers; H559 for he said, H6435 "Lest perhaps H611 harm H7122 happen to him."
  5 H1121 The sons H3478 of Israel H935 came H7666 to buy H8432 among H935 those who came, H7458 for the famine H776 was in the land H3667 of Canaan.
  6 H3130 Joseph H7989 was the governor H776 over the land. H7666 It was he who sold H5971 to all the people H776 of the land. H3130 Joseph's H251 brothers H935 came, H7812 and bowed themselves down H639 to him with their faces H776 to the earth
  7 H3130 Joseph H7200 saw H251 his brothers, H5234 and he recognized H5234 them, but acted like a stranger H1696 to them, and spoke H7186 roughly H559 with them. He said H370 to them, "Where H935 did you come H559 from?" They said, H776 "From the land H3667 of Canaan H7666 to buy H400 food."
  8 H3130 Joseph H5234 recognized H251 his brothers, H5234 but they didn't recognize him.
  9 H3130 Joseph H2142 remembered H2472 the dreams H2492 which he dreamed H559 about them, and said H7270 to them, "You are spies! H935 You have come H7200 to see H6172 the nakedness H776 of the land."
  10 H559 They said H113 to him, "No, my lord, H5650 but your servants H935 have come H7666 to buy H400 food.
  11 H5168 We H259 are all one H376 man's H1121 sons; H3651 we are honest H5650 men. Your servants H7270 are not spies."
  12 H559 He said H935 to them, "No, but you have come H7200 to see H6172 the nakedness H776 of the land!"
  13 H559 They said, H5650 "We, your servants, H8147 are twelve H251 brothers, H1121 the sons H259 of one H376 man H776 in the land H3667 of Canaan; H6996 and behold, the youngest H3117 is this day H1 with our father, H259 and one is no more."
  14 H3130 Joseph H559 said H1696 to them, "It is like I told H559 you, saying, H7270 ‘You are spies!'
  15 H2063 By H974 this you shall be tested. H2416 By the life H6547 of Pharaoh, H3318 you shall not go out H6996 from here, unless your youngest H251 brother H935 comes here.
  16 H7971 Send H259 one H3947 of you, and let him get H251 your brother, H631 and you shall be bound, H1697 that your words H974 may be tested, H571 whether there is truth H854 in H3808 you, or else H2416 by the life H6547 of Pharaoh H7270 surely you are spies."
  17 H622 He put them all together H4929 into custody H7969 for three H3117 days.
  18 H3130 Joseph H559 said H7992 to them the third H3117 day, H6213 "Do H2421 this, and live, H3373 for I fear H430 God.
  19 H3651 If you are honest H259 men, then let one H251 of your brothers H631 be bound H1004 in your H4929 prison; H3212 but you go, H935 carry H7668 grain H7459 for the famine H1004 of your houses.
  20 H935 Bring H6996 your youngest H251 brother H1697 to me; so will your words H539 be verified, H4191 and you won't die." H6213 They did so.
  21 H559 They said H376 one H251 to another, H61 "We are certainly H818 guilty H251 concerning our brother, H834 in that H7200 we saw H6869 the distress H5315 of his soul, H2603 when he begged H8085 us, and we wouldn't listen. H6869 Therefore this distress H935 has come upon us."
  22 H7205 Reuben H6030 answered H559 them, saying, H559 "Didn't I H559 tell you, saying, H2398 ‘Don't sin H3206 against the child,' H8085 and you wouldn't listen? H1818 Therefore also, behold, his blood H1875 is required."
  23 H3045 They didn't know H3130 that Joseph H8085 understood H3887 them; for there was an interpreter between them.
  24 H5437 He turned himself away H1058 from them, and wept. H7725 Then he returned to them, H1696 and spoke H3947 to them, and took H8095 Simeon H631 from among them, and bound H5869 him before their eyes.
  25 H3130 Then Joseph H6680 gave a command H4390 to fill H3627 their bags H1250 with grain, H7725 and to restore H376 each man's H3701 money H8242 into his sack, H5414 and to give H6720 them food H1870 for the way. H3651 So H6213 it was done to them.
  26 H5375 They loaded H2543 their donkeys H7668 with their grain, H3212 and departed from there.
  27 H259 As one H6605 of them opened H8242 his sack H5414 to give H2543 his donkey H4554 food H4411 in the lodging place, H7200 he saw H3701 his money. H6310 Behold, it was in the mouth H572 of his sack.
  28 H559 He said H251 to his brothers, H3701 "My money H7725 is restored! H2009 Behold, H572 it is in my sack!" H3820 Their hearts H3318 failed H2729 them, and they turned trembling H376 one H251 to another, H559 saying, H430 "What is this that God H6213 has done to us?"
  29 H935 They came H3290 to Jacob H1 their father, H776 to the land H3667 of Canaan, H5046 and told H7136 him all that had happened H559 to them, saying,
  30 H376 "The man, H113 the lord H776 of the land, H1696 spoke H7186 roughly H5414 with us, and took H7270 us for spies H776 of the country.
  31 H559 We said H3651 to him, ‘We are honest H7270 men. We are no spies.
  32 H6240 We are twelve H251 brothers, H1121 sons H1 of our father; H259 one H6996 is no more, and the youngest H3117 is this day H1 with our father H776 in the land H3667 of Canaan.'
  33 H376 The man, H113 the lord H776 of the land, H559 said H3045 to us, ‘By this I will know H3651 that you are honest H3240 men: leave H259 one H251 of your brothers H3947 with me, and take H7459 grain for the famine H1004 of your houses, H3212 and go your way.
  34 H935 Bring H6996 your youngest H251 brother H3045 to me. Then I will know H7270 that you are not spies, H3651 but that you are honest H5414 men. So I will deliver H251 your brother H5503 to you, and you shall trade H776 in the land.'"
  35 H7324 It happened as they emptied H8242 their sacks, H376 that behold, each man's H6872 bundle H3701 of money H8242 was in his sack. H1 When they and their father H7200 saw H6872 their bundles H3701 of money, H3372 they were afraid.
  36 H3290 Jacob, H1 their father, H559 said H7921 to them, "You have bereaved H3130 me of my sons Joseph H8095 is no more, Simeon H3947 is no more, and you want to take H1144 Benjamin away. All these things are against me."
  37 H7205 Reuben H559 spoke H1 to his father, H559 saying, H4191 "Kill H8147 my two H1121 sons, H935 if I don't bring H5414 him to you. Entrust H3027 him to my care, H7725 and I will bring him to you again."
  38 H559 He said, H1121 "My son H3381 shall not go down H251 with you; for his brother H4191 is dead, H7604 and he only is left. H611 If harm H7122 happens H1870 to him along the way H3212 in which you go, H3381 then you will bring down H7872 my gray hairs H3015 with sorrow H7585 to Sheol."