Ezekiel 39:18-20

  18 H398 You shall eat H1320 the flesh H1368 of the mighty, H8354 and drink H1818 the blood H5387 of the princes H776 of the earth, H352 of rams, H3733 of lambs, H6260 and of goats, H6499 of bulls, H4806 all of them fatlings H1316 of Bashan.
  19 H398 You shall eat H2459 fat H7654 until you be full, H8354 and drink H1818 blood H7943 until you are drunk, H2077 of my sacrifice H2076 which I have sacrificed for you.
  20 H7646 You shall be filled H7979 at my table H5483 with horses H7393 and chariots, H1368 with mighty men, H376 and with all men H4421 of war, H5002 says H136 the Lord H3069 Yahweh.