Deuteronomy 9

  1 H8085 Hear, H3478 Israel: H5674 you are to pass over H3383 the Jordan H3117 this day, H935 to go in H3423 to dispossess H1471 nations H1419 greater H6099 and mightier H5892 than yourself, cities H1419 great H1219 and fortified up H8064 to the sky,
  2 H5971 a people H1419 great H7311 and tall, H1121 the sons H6062 of the Anakim, H3045 whom you know, H8085 and of whom you have heard H3320 say, "Who can stand H6440 before H1121 the sons H6061 of Anak?"
  3 H3045 Know H3117 therefore this day, H3068 that Yahweh H430 your God H5674 is he who goes over H6440 before H398 you as a devouring H784 fire; H8045 he will destroy H3665 them, and he will bring them down H6440 before you: H3423 so you shall drive them out, H6 and make them to perish H4118 quickly, H3068 as Yahweh H1696 has spoken to you.
  4 H559 Don't say H3824 in your heart, H3068 after Yahweh H430 your God H1920 has thrust them out H6440 from before H559 you, saying, H6666 "For my righteousness H3068 Yahweh H935 has brought me in H3423 to possess H776 this land;" H3068 because Yahweh H3423 drives them out H6440 before H7564 you because of the wickedness H1471 of these nations.
  5 H6666 Not for your righteousness, H3476 or for the uprightness H3824 of your heart, H935 do you go H3423 in to possess H776 their land; H7564 but for the wickedness H1471 of these nations H3068 Yahweh H430 your God H3423 does drive them out H6440 from before H6965 you, and that he may establish H1697 the word H3068 which Yahweh H7650 swore H1 to your fathers, H85 to Abraham, H3327 to Isaac, H3290 and to Jacob.
  6 H3045 Know H3068 therefore, that Yahweh H430 your God H5414 doesn't give H2896 you this good H776 land H3423 to possess H6666 it for your righteousness; H6203 for you are a stiff-necked H5971 people.
  7 H2142 Remember, H7911 don't forget, H3068 how you provoked Yahweh H430 your God H7107 to wrath H4057 in the wilderness: H4480 from H3117 the day H3318 that you went forth H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt, H935 until you came H4725 to this place, H4784 you have been rebellious H5973 against H3068 Yahweh.
  8 H2722 Also in Horeb H7107 you provoked H3068 Yahweh H7107 to wrath, H3068 and Yahweh H599 was angry H8045 with you to destroy you.
  9 H5927 When I was gone up H2022 onto the mountain H3947 to receive H3871 the tables H68 of stone, H3871 even the tables H1285 of the covenant H3068 which Yahweh H3772 made H3427 with you, then I stayed H2022 on the mountain H705 forty H3117 days H705 and forty H3915 nights; H398 I neither ate H3899 bread H8354 nor drank H4325 water.
  10 H3068 Yahweh H5414 delivered H8147 to me the two H3871 tables H68 of stone H3789 written H676 with the finger H430 of God; H1697 and on them were all the words H3068 which Yahweh H1696 spoke H2022 with you on the mountain H8432 out of the midst H784 of the fire H3117 in the day H6951 of the assembly.
  11 H7093 It came to pass at the end H705 of forty H3117 days H705 and forty H3915 nights, H3068 that Yahweh H5414 gave H8147 me the two H3871 tables H68 of stone, H3871 even the tables H1285 of the covenant.
  12 H3068 Yahweh H559 said H6965 to me, "Arise, H3381 get down H4118 quickly H5971 from here; for your people H3318 whom you have brought out H4714 of Egypt H7843 have corrupted H4118 themselves; they have quickly H5493 turned aside H1870 out of the way H6680 which I commanded H6213 them; they have made H4541 them a molten image."
  13 H3068 Furthermore Yahweh H559 spoke H559 to me, saying, H7200 "I have seen H5971 this people, H6203 and behold, it is a stiff-necked H5971 people:
  14 H7503 let me alone, H8045 that I may destroy H4229 them, and blot out H8034 their name H8064 from under the sky; H6213 and I will make H854 of H1471 you a nation H6099 mightier H7227 and greater than they."
  15 H6437 So I turned H3381 and came down H2022 from the mountain, H2022 and the mountain H1197 was burning H784 with fire: H8147 and the two H3871 tables H1285 of the covenant H8147 were in my two H3027 hands.
  16 H7200 I looked, H2398 and behold, you had sinned H3068 against Yahweh H430 your God; H6213 you had made H4541 yourselves a molten H5695 calf: H5493 you had turned aside H4118 quickly H1870 out of the way H3068 which Yahweh H6680 had commanded you.
  17 H8610 I took H8147 hold of the two H3871 tables, H7993 and cast H5921 them out of H8147 my two H3027 hands, H7665 and broke H5869 them before your eyes.
  18 H5307 I fell down H6440 before H3068 Yahweh, H7223 as at the first, H705 forty H3117 days H705 and forty H3915 nights; H398 I neither ate H3899 bread H8354 nor drank H4325 water; H2403 because of all your sin H2398 which you sinned, H6213 in doing H7451 that which was evil H5869 in the sight H3068 of Yahweh, H3707 to provoke him to anger.
  19 H3025 For I was afraid H6440 of H639 the anger H2534 and hot displeasure, H3068 with which Yahweh H7107 was angry H8045 against you to destroy H3068 you. But Yahweh H8085 listened H6471 to me that time also.
  20 H3068 Yahweh H3966 was very H599 angry H175 with Aaron H8045 to destroy H6419 him: and I prayed H175 for Aaron H6256 also at the same time.
  21 H3947 I took H2403 your sin, H5695 the calf H6213 which you had made, H8313 and burnt H784 it with fire, H3807 and stamped H2912 it, grinding H3190 it very small, H1854 until it was as fine H6083 as dust: H7993 and I cast H6083 its dust H5158 into the brook H3381 that descended out H2022 of the mountain.
  22 H8404 At Taberah, H4532 and at Massah, H6914 and at Kibroth Hattaavah, H3068 you provoked Yahweh H7107 to wrath.
  23 H3068 When Yahweh H7971 sent H6947 you from Kadesh Barnea, H559 saying, H5927 "Go up H3423 and possess H776 the land H5414 which I have given H4784 you;" then you rebelled H6310 against the commandment H3068 of Yahweh H430 your God, H539 and you didn't believe H8085 him, nor listen H6963 to his voice.
  24 H4784 You have been rebellious H3068 against Yahweh H3117 from the day H3045 that I knew you.
  25 H5307 So I fell down H6440 before H3068 Yahweh H705 the forty H3117 days H705 and forty H3915 nights H5307 that I fell down, H3068 because Yahweh H559 had said H8045 he would destroy you.
  26 H6419 I prayed H3068 to Yahweh, H559 and said, H3068 "Lord H3068 Yahweh, H7843 don't destroy H5971 your people H5159 and your inheritance, H6299 that you have redeemed H1433 through your greatness, H3318 that you have brought out H4714 of Egypt H2389 with a mighty H3027 hand.
  27 H2142 Remember H5650 your servants, H85 Abraham, H3327 Isaac, H3290 and Jacob; H6437 don't look H7190 to the stubbornness H5971 of this people, H7562 nor to their wickedness, H2403 nor to their sin,
  28 H776 lest the land H3318 you brought us out H559 from say, H3068 ‘Because Yahweh H3201 was not able H935 to bring H776 them into the land H1696 which he promised H8135 to them, and because he hated H3318 them, he has brought them out H4191 to kill H4057 them in the wilderness.'
  29 H5971 Yet they are your people H5159 and your inheritance, H3318 which you brought out H1419 by your great H3581 power H5186 and by your outstretched H2220 arm."
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