Deuteronomy 33

  1 H1293 This is the blessing, H4872 with which Moses H376 the man H430 of God H1288 blessed H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H6440 before H4194 his death.
  2 H559 He said, H3068 "Yahweh H935 came H5514 from Sinai, H2224 And rose H8165 from Seir H3313 to them. He shone forth H2022 from Mount H6290 Paran. H857 He came H7233 from the ten thousands H6944 of holy ones. H3225 At his right hand H799 was a fiery H1881 law for them.
  3 H637 Yes, H2245 he loves H5971 the people. H6918 All his saints H3027 are in your hand. H8497 They sat down H7272 at your feet; H5375 each receives H1703 your words.
  4 H4872 Moses H6680 commanded H8451 us a law, H4181 An inheritance H6952 for the assembly H3290 of Jacob.
  5 H4428 He was king H3484 in Jeshurun, H7218 When the heads H5971 of the people H622 were gathered, H7626 All the tribes H3478 of Israel H3162 together.
  6 H7205 "Let Reuben H2421 live, H4191 and not die; H4962 Nor let his men H4557 be few."
  7 H3063 This is for Judah. H559 He said, H8085 "Hear, H3068 Yahweh, H6963 the voice H3063 of Judah. H935 Bring H5971 him in to his people. H3027 With his hands H7227 he contended H5828 for himself. You shall be a help H6862 against his adversaries."
  8 H3878 Of Levi H559 he said, H8550 "Your Thummim H224 and your Urim H2623 are with your godly H376 one, H5254 whom you proved H4532 at Massah, H7378 with whom you strove H4325 at the waters H4809 of Meribah;
  9 H559 who said H1 of his father, H517 and of his mother, H7200 ‘I have not seen H5234 him;' Neither did he acknowledge H251 his brothers, H3045 Nor did he know H1121 his own children: H8104 For they have observed H565 your word, H5341 and keep H1285 your covenant.
  10 H3384 They shall teach H3290 Jacob H4941 your ordinances, H3478 and Israel H8451 your law. H7760 They shall put H6988 incense H639 before H3632 you, and whole burnt offering H4196 on your altar.
  11 H3068 Yahweh, H1288 bless H2428 his substance. H7521 Accept H6467 the work H3027 of his hands. H4272 Strike H4975 through the hips H6965 of those who rise H8130 up against him, of those who hate H4480 him, that they not H6965 rise H6965 again."
  12 H1144 Of Benjamin H559 he said, H3039 "The beloved H3068 of Yahweh H7931 shall dwell H983 in safety H2653 by him. He covers H3117 him all the day H7931 long. He dwells H3802 between his shoulders."
  13 H3130 Of Joseph H559 he said, H776 "His land H1288 is blessed H3068 by Yahweh, H4022 for the precious things H8064 of the heavens, H2919 for the dew, H8415 for the deep H7257 that couches beneath,
  14 H4022 for the precious H8393 things of the fruits H8121 of the sun, H4022 for the precious things H1645 of the growth H3391 of the moons,
  15 H7218 for the chief things H6924 of the ancient H2042 mountains, H4022 for the precious things H5769 of the everlasting H1389 hills,
  16 H4022 for the precious things H776 of the earth H4393 and its fullness, H7522 the good will H7931 of him who lived H5572 in the bush. H935 Let this come H7218 on the head H3130 of Joseph, H6936 on the crown of the head H5139 of him who was separate H251 from his brothers.
  17 H1060 The firstborn H7794 of his herd, H1926 majesty H7161 is his. His horns H7161 are the horns H7214 of the wild ox. H5055 With them he shall push H3162 all H5971 of the peoples, H657 to the ends H776 of the earth: H7233 They are the ten thousands H669 of Ephraim. H505 They are the thousands H4519 of Manasseh."
  18 H2074 Of Zebulun H559 he said, H8055 "Rejoice, H2074 Zebulun, H3318 in your going out; H3485 and Issachar, H168 in your tents.
  19 H7121 They shall call H5971 the peoples H2022 to the mountain. H2076 There they will offer H2077 sacrifices H6664 of righteousness, H3243 for they shall draw H8228 out the abundance H3220 of the seas, H2934 the hidden H8226 treasures H2344 of the sand."
  20 H1410 Of Gad H559 he said, H7337 "He who enlarges H1410 Gad H1288 is blessed. H7931 He dwells H3833 as a lioness, H2963 and tears H2220 the arm, H637 yes, H6936 the crown of the head.
  21 H7200 He provided H7225 the first part H2710 for himself, for there was the lawgiver's H2513 portion H5603 reserved. H857 He came H7218 with the heads H5971 of the people. H6213 He executed H6666 the righteousness H3068 of Yahweh, H4941 His ordinances H3478 with Israel."
  22 H1835 Of Dan H559 he said, H1835 "Dan H738 is a lion's H1482 cub H2187 that leaps H1316 out of Bashan."
  23 H5321 Of Naphtali H559 he said, H5321 "Naphtali, H7649 satisfied H7522 with favor, H4392 full H1293 of the blessing H3068 of Yahweh, H3423 Possess H3220 the west H1864 and the south."
  24 H836 Of Asher H559 he said, H836 "Asher H1288 is blessed H1121 with children. H7521 Let him be acceptable H251 to his brothers. H2881 Let him dip H7272 his foot H8081 in oil.
  25 H4515 Your bars H1270 shall be iron H5178 and brass. H3117 As your days, H1679 so your strength will be.
  26 H410 "There is none like God, H3484 Jeshurun, H7392 who rides H8064 on the heavens H5828 for your help, H1346 In his excellency H7834 on the skies.
  27 H6924 The eternal H430 God H4585 is your dwelling H5769 place. Underneath are the everlasting H2220 arms. H1644 He thrust out H341 the enemy H6440 from before H559 you, and said, H8045 ‘Destroy!'
  28 H3478 Israel H7931 dwells H983 in safety; H5869 the fountain H3290 of Jacob H910 alone, H776 In a land H1715 of grain H8492 and new wine. H8064 Yes, his heavens H6201 drop down H2919 dew.
  29 H835 You are happy, H3478 Israel. H5971 Who is like you, a people H3467 saved H3068 by Yahweh, H4043 the shield H5828 of your help, H2719 the sword H1346 of your excellency! H341 Your enemies H3584 shall submit H1869 themselves to you. You shall tread H1116 on their high places."